A Look Inside The Red Wing Shoe Store, Singapore

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Some people will ask what is the difference
of a flagship store, first thing is that we have about one hundred styles of Red Wing
Shoes to try on over here. Apart from that, one of the most striking
aspects is the design of the store. As you can see the design of the store is
inspired by old traditional Americana, you can see the red brick walls, wooden floors
and vintage ornaments, these are all influenced by our own heritage. And, there is only one Flagship store in the
whole of Southeast Asia, and it's right here in Singapore. At the Red Wing Shoe Store, we offer foot
fitting using our Red Wing Brannock device. So with the Brannock device we will be able
to understand your fitting through the measurements of your length and your width, and of course
your arch length as well. So with these specifications we will be able
to give you the correct fit in terms of style and compatible design to get your comfort
right. Every pair the last is different, the fitting
is all different, so we suggest that you come down to the store to get your feet measured,
to get the correct one.

Apart from the fitting, we also have all the
necessities for shoe care, leather care and boot care. So it depends on the condition of the shoe
itself and we will guide you accordingly on what is best applicable for the particular
shoe. All this adds up to a very unique experience
at Red Wing Shoe Store Singapore, the only Flagship Store in Southeast Asia and it's
the only place where you can try on a hundred pairs of Red Wing Shoes, different kinds of
styles and Asian-exclusives. If you're a big fan of Red Wing, leather products
or leather shoes, please drop by..

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