“Timberland PRO Gridworks: Expert Boot Guy Review & Analysis”

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The Timberland Grid Works Eight Inch Wedge Sole

The Grid Works by Timberland is an eight-inch wedge sole boot perfect for those who need a comfortable and sturdy pair of footwear for digging, work, or tie rods. The boot maintains the thinness needed for users to feel the ground underneath them while still being durable. In the past, the main strategy to increase the sole life of a boot was to make it thicker. Timberland, however, has tried to combat this by using a triple density sole composed of an orange layer, a white layer, and a grey layer—the translucent urethane sole.

The urethane sole is sticky on the right surfaces, making it suitable for wet or muddy terrain. On surfaces with lots of dust, such as drywall or sawdust, the boot can become slippery on smooth floors. Timberland has tried to improve on the wedge sole by adding a rubber toe cap to increase your chances of losing your grip. The rubber toe cap is attached to the front of the boot, decreasing the likelihood of wearing through it.

Waterproof Features and Breathability

Timberland made the Grid Works waterproof by adding a built-in membrane, providing an effective waterproof tool in addition to waterproof leather. When a boot has an added layer of waterproof material, heat transfer can be diminished. As a result, your feet may become sweaty after 12 hours of wear. The boot features a mesh collar lining with padded foam for additional breathability.

Additional Features and Comfort

Grid Works boots also have easy-to-use speed laces that go all the way through, allowing you to secure your boot comfortably. This feature is helpful for people who work in concrete, making it easy to remove and re-wear the boot. The fully-welded, imported boot has a seamless construction and includes Timberland's anti-fatigue footbed. The boot may take some time to break in, but the cushioning and materials make it a comfortable option for those needing a durable wedge sole boot. Timberland Pro boots generally have the same sizing designations, making it simple to find reliably sized boots in various styles.

Size and Fit

The Grid Works boots have a pull-on grip with additional panels, making it easy to put on your pants over the boot. This feature eliminates the need for a boot pull on the back while providing an easy way to ensure your pants are in the right place as you work.

Benefits of Grid Works Wedge Sole

Overall, the Timberland Grid Works improves upon traditional wedge sole boots with added features and an updated design. The boot includes harder densities, waterproof leathers, waterproof barriers, new boot pools, a different lacing system, and a rubber toe. The boot's innovative design and durable construction make it an ideal choice for anyone who works in a demanding environment.

If you've worn the six-inch or eight-inch Grid Works, please leave your feedback and personal experience with the boots' sole, performance, and wear in the comments below. Customers looking for more information can find detailed photos and additional specifications on the boot at the Boot Guy website.

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  1. I work as an RV detailer and walk through soapy water, antifreeze etc. all day long and rarely ever slip.I'm on my 3rd pair of these,the first pair has been resoled and I would highly recommend these.

  2. My Timberline Pro's (TAO16T4214) are just about to come to the end. They've been a fantastic boot for me. I'll either be looking to resole them or for a new pair. They've worked well on grassy embankments, deep in the turkey woods and even chasing pheasants when my Danner's were getting resoled … they look good, but they are extremely comfortable and are my go to boot when I know I am going to need reliable footwear.

  3. Nice boot, very comfortable! I'm having a hard time locating another pair, does anyone know where I can find a pair. My first pair I ordered from Amazon and then i unfortunately went and ordered from bogus site that worked me over for my purchase so I never received them.

  4. I'm pissed it seems like they stopped making them I've been buying direct attach for 10 years and now the 6-in version soft toe or any toe I can't find them these boots with the white laces and rubber toe for mechanics are awesome why would they stop!

  5. I used these boots for a hard 6 monthes constantly on my hands and knees screening driveways and the toe never wore out I then proceeded to use them as a winter boot and then carpentry the next year they lasted 2 years my only complain is the insole wore out and I had to change them lol but I am like 220 so that's alot of weight they held up lol

  6. Дожили…. теперь на рабочих ботинках подошва тоньше, чем у кроссовок рибок

  7. Just bought my 2nd pair of 12M Timberland Pro Gridwork Soft Toes to start breaking in. They do take a little while to get really soft and comfy but when they get there…nice! Waterproofing is excellent and the leather gets really soft and forms to your foot despite the lining. I locate utilities in Texas and they're not that bad in the summer w/ thinner breathable socks. All in all, for the $130-$140 range I've paid, these are hands down the best I've tried or even seen. Only downside is (of course) the sole wears out quickly. The grey bottom does really help w/ traction BUT still wears down (especially at the heel) REALLY quickly FYI.

  8. Best I use them in concrete work framing , plumbing, welding and lots of walking Damm so thankful I tried them on I'll use till the stop making them ..

  9. These boots are junk. After buying my thorogoods a coworker bought these a month after. Mine are still holding up strong, his are literally falling apart🤷🏾‍♂️

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