“3 Proven Timberland Boot Hacks: Savings & Cleaning Tips”

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This text provides three tips for saving money and prolonging the life of Timberland boots. The first tip is to use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the boots, which can remove dirt and stains without damaging the material. The second tip is to use a waterproof spray to protect the boots from water damage and to also extend their lifespan. The third tip is to use a sponge or soft brush to clean the boots instead of harsh materials like steel wool or abrasive cleaners. Following these tips can help keep Timberland boots in good condition and save money on replacing them frequently.


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  1. Hello
    Mes timberlandboots sont devenues blanches….et on perdu leur couleur d'origine
    En frottant avec la brosse dans le test 3 ça cas redonner de la couleur ????j'ai des doutes

  2. I would have been comfortable with the boots after the sanding. Little knicks and dings is a sign a boot has been loved and adds to the charm in my opinion.

  3. My Timberlands squeaked mercilessly for years, any time my feet got a little hot. I just swapped in some Ariat Energy Max insoles and the Timberlands are awesome and quiet.

  4. I think this is a good remodeling not a very good restoration because compared to the standard Timberland boot that most people think of this looks very different, has a different color, pretty different texture the only thing that it shares is the general shape and the black collar but still very well done

  5. My oldest pair of tims are about 17 years old and still look better than these, i use the blast the shit out of them with a power washer at the carwash strategy after that i condition and brush them. They stilk look fabulous. Own about 40 different pairs of premiums and they all look fresh. The older once do have some wearing signs though but nothing to crazy.

  6. seems to me u just ruined some timbs!… all the scruffing, roughing and sanding hurt my heart!… they were pretty rough to begin with, but u removed and agitated so much material, it just didn’t seem right to treat Timbs that way… I’ll just buy another pair before doing all of that…

  7. Im here to find out to fucking remove oil stain in my boots. Just wore it once and so pissed off to get stained. Tried the suede shampoo and didnt work. Bought the eraser thing for suedes and didnt work.

  8. The old Timberlands from the 80’s lasted,,,these new ones? Forget it! You just tap brush the boot against anything abrasive and they shred. Junk

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