“Timberland 6 Inch Boots: A Half-Cut Review”

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The author reviews the Timberland 6 inch boots by literally cutting them in half to examine their construction. The boots are made with a number of layers, including waterproof leather, insulation, and a rubber sole. The author notes that the boots are extremely durable and well-made, with precision stitching and sturdy materials. They also provide great support and comfort for hiking and long periods of wear. While the high price tag may be a deterrent for some, the author argues that the long-lasting quality of the boots make them a worthwhile investment.


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  1. Seriously interesting review. I have a pair of UK Timberland ‘Pro’ steel toe cap boots that I bought for about £80 ($100) and have worn for about 4 years and I can’t fault them but I don’t have a frame of reference. I imagine they’re the same build as these just with a steel toe. Really great to understand the features in layman’s terms. Thanks!

  2. You can walk in water up to the top 2 holes before your feet will get wet it's the way the tongue is designed that allows this , I've been buying timberland 6 inch construction boots for 30 years …they are great boots for the money … I get 3 ish years and I beat the hell out of them daily at work …. also I've owned doc Martin 6 inch boots there good also for what they are , if you wear them a few times a month they will last your life

  3. I got my first pair of Timberland boots in 1982 for Christmas and when I was in high school. Back then they cost $129. Not sure if the were made in the states or in the Dominican Republic but both produced fine boot. These boots aren’t the same boots I wore 40 years ago. At the time they were true construction boots and all we rednecks wore them. These cheap copies aren’t the same boot. If you want similar quality you have to buy Nicks. Sometime in the 90s they shifted to a fashion boot and moved their operations to China.

  4. They may be iconic, but I've always thought these were the ugliest darn things I've ever seen. And this style of leather looks like ass over time. Zero patina. Hard pass for me.

  5. I used to wear Timberline Pro Series but switched to Keen the last few years/pairs. My issue with the Timberline was the soles would crack where your Metatarsal is before the boot is worn out. That and the lacing hooks would either break off or get smashed closed.

    I drive Heavy Equipment for reference.

  6. Please do something different cut a Samsung and Apple case in half. I’ll send u Samsung s21 ultra leather case That I’ve been using. And are those cases worth $60?

  7. I still have the Tims I bought in 1997. I rarely wear them any more, and they obviously don’t look new, but other than the outsole being fairly worn down, they’re still in great shape.

  8. I bought the six Inch timbs a couple of years ago, and honestly they're the worst shoes I have ever worn. It actually hurt so much using them that I had to stop completely.. anyone else? Or anyone got any tips about them?

  9. I completely walked through the sole on a pair of these in high-school.. worked in a greenhouse. A lot of walking. Best boot back then. Dont know about now. Im a redwing guy now.

  10. Love this review! Can you review the Timberland Pro Drivetrain Mids? They look like the perfect lightweight work boot, as long as you don't need waterproofing

  11. PLEASE try to break a Buffalo Sneaker sole than cut it in half. I don't wanna waste the little money I have but i love how these shoes look PLS DO US ALL THE FAVOR

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