“The Ultimate Work Boot: Timberland Pro Titan 6″ Reviewed by The Boot Guy”

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The Timberland Pro Titan 6″ work boots, available in styles 26078 and 53536, are the subject of a review by The Boot Guy. He notes that the boots have a comfortable fit with ample room in the toe area, making them suitable for all-day wear. The anti-fatigue technology provides good cushioning, and the anti-microbial lining helps prevent odors. The boots also feature slip-resistant outsoles and are made with durable materials. The Boot Guy concludes that the Timberland Pro Titan 6″ work boots are a solid choice for anyone looking for comfortable and durable work boots.


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  1. I just got a pair yesterday with the composite toe. I have size 17 feet. One foot wider than the other, if you can believe it. They had enough room for my custom made orthotics and a Spenco Rx Comfort Thin Lightweight insert. Holy smokes they were comfortable! I went for a mile dog walk on sidewalk, because they didn't seem to need breaking in. It felt so nice I didn't want to take them off when I got home. I could actually hike in them. Now I want to figure out a way I can resole them with a Vibram half sole before I wear them down.

  2. Nobody remembers when they had a titanium toe? They used to be called the Titanium Pro when they first hit the scene, it's been renamed the Titan Pro since they stopped using titanium. They've cut many a corner over the years

  3. Wearin em right now. Probably my favorite footwear ever. Including sneakers. Beyond comfortable. After about 4 months or so get a heel insert if you're standing alot and you're good to go.

  4. Great video spot on … best boots I have ever owned …. I work in a rock quarry and they are super light comfortable as hell . Will agree that soles do crack after a year . But definitely the most comfortable boot I have had

  5. I had these boots for 7 years and from day one to now these are the most comfortable boot I have ever had. I know this will blow the Boot Buy away….. No cracking of the out sole. I used these in the construction field, in warehoused and in the oil industry. Meet all the safety standards for these and for the EH issues I have another Timberland for that. .

  6. I agree with your review, Boot Guy. On my second pair. Yes, the sole cracked, but that was after 2 years of wearing them to work. I'd say I got my money's worth. I even wear them off duty. Great Boots!

  7. Good video i have a pair of this boots for over 6 month and they have been holding up pretty good can you do a review video on the timberland pro endurance

  8. I had them. Thought they were incredibly comfortable, and very flexible. However, I had the soft toe and the toe box leather seemed to be very very “delicate” for lack of better terms. Everything else on the boot held up for months, except the toe area. I work a lot kneeling and crawling, so I ended up going with Chippewa bay apaches and they’ve been incredible. I might give the Rigmasters/Crosscuts a chance eventually.

  9. How would you compare this to the Carhartt Rugged Flex 6 inch? Which do you prefer? I work in an auto plant on my feet 8-12hrs a day and I'm looking for something that will stay comfortable on my feet for a solid days work and these are the two boots I'm debating on.

  10. Those were my first pair of expensive work boots. Their anywhere from 150$ to 185. But man on man probably the most comfortable boot you will ever wear. Sure redwings soles last but their nowhere near as comfortable.

  11. Sorry but if still cracking this days isn’t safe For construction or remodelers and demo personnel where nails and screws on the ground all over the place 👎

  12. I've wore these for 4 years and love them! have experienced the bottom sole, the tread part coming unglued from the upper sole but I work In oil and coolant heavy use so it's too be expected. I liked the style with the lighter color leather and power fit on the side. they had yellow on the tread instead of orange. how do these compare to the michelin hydroedge boot? I've been wanting to try them

  13. These are great boots I particularly like the antimicrobial inner liner because my feet stink like a motherfucker! Well I did just pick up a set of Wolverines tho I bounce back every other year

  14. I live on the coast in south texas where it is very hot and humid im working on caliche 12 hours a day constantly on my feet walking distances all day what do you recommend?

  15. Owned a pair of these boots for 10 years, worked several summers of landscaping in them and now trade my uncomfortable dress shoes for them after work. No problems what so ever, super comfortable. They are not on a job site every day, but as far as comfort and durability A+. Just got a new pair for my birthday because the old lady doesn't like how ratty they look. Go for the "steel toe" you don't realize you need it till you set something heavy down on your foot. Plus if you kneel down the steel toe acts as a nice buffer.

  16. how are these boots with Nails I work in demolition so I'm hoping to get a good idea how these handle I'm going coming from die Hard boots and switching up to something different

  17. The reason companies use those heavy welts is the fact that they actually last. I've bought two pairs of these boots. The 1st pair was within the 1st year they were out and the 2nd was about 2 years ago tops. Both were returned to timberland for a refund because the soles on both pairs came completely unglued all the way around on both feet within the first 30 days. I don't care what brand of boot you buy, direct attach=glue. And the best part is is I can't figure out why these companies don't just use super glue. It holds better than the crap the factory uses now lol I will say though that the boondock boots have my curiosity peaked.

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