“The Timberland Premium Boot: Is the Hype Worth it?”

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The Timberland Premium Waterproof Boot is a highly popular item, but is it worth all the attention it receives? The boot is made of high-quality leather and is completely waterproof, making it a reliable choice for wet weather. It also has a sturdy rubber sole and comfortable footbed for all-day wear. However, some critics believe the hype surrounding the boot is inflated, saying that it may not be worth the higher price point. Ultimately, whether or not the Timberland Premium Waterproof Boot lives up to the hype depends on individual preferences and needs.


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  1. Got pair a pair few days ago. They are hard rock solid good looking boots.
    It's not everyone cup of tea, They are hard, not so flexible boots. You have plenty of other boots way more flexible and comfy..
    Still none comes close to their style, quality material and linings and stylish.
    I have other pairs including the updated Radford from Timberland too way lighter.
    Still when you were these, they are incredible. You have to break them in first, but the insoles are great and they eventually get softer and easier to your feet.

    These are the type of boots , that you get the feeling you're wearing a classic never runs out of trend, and will always look great, being casual, or not so casual you name it

    Winter proof ready too, waterproof for those rainy days or even snow due to prima loft inline .

    So choosing these boots you already know what you're looking for, and you want long last pair of boots. For those who haven't tried or are re using them like me give it a try. They have improved, the insole anti fatigue is comfortable for long wearing periods.

    A classic that never runs out of fashion..

  2. I got mine for $125!! They were cheaper at Journey’s and I got a $70 gift card so that dropped the out of pocket price for me significantly. 3 years later, I flatiron brought these bad boys up from $170 or so.

  3. Definitely not water proof, this is my 2nd pair and my socks always get wet and the leather ripped away from the sole. They’re decent but get a real water prod boot if that’s what you’re looking for. Like my socks much better but docks suck on snow and ice…

  4. I've just ordered my first pair of Timberland premiums and can't wait to get them on, I just hope buying half a size less than my usual size is the right fit!

  5. Awesome video, it was very helpful to me. I am looking for a new pair of boots to use during the winter. I am currently living in Canada. Do you know what is the lowest temperature that would be comfortable do use those boots? thank you so much

  6. I've had the same pair of these for almost 30 years on the original sole. I wore them to work most days for a number of years, and they've taken me all over the world. I've never done anything to maintain them other than rinse or brush off mud and dirt. They have never failed me. The lower part of the outsole finally started to come unglued recently, but that was easily fixed. Best pair of boots I've ever had.

  7. My timbs have lasted me almost 4 ny winter's. Multiple hikes and 2 years of auto tech training. Still goin strong I definitely recommend a pair

  8. Love these boots only problem with em nowadays is the fact I cant tie em off at the tipy top of the shoe gotta go down 2 eye holes other than that they are amazing

  9. Would you recommend this original 6 inch Timbs for everyday walking/desk job or the Radford?
    I like both but unfortunally the originals are much heavier and clunky. I'm feeling very tired after wearing them the whole day.

  10. So I wore my black premium timbs out for THE FIRST TIME yesterday and somehow the top layer of nubuck rubbed off in 2 places, revealing the smooth leather, what an eye sore. My basics never did this over 3 years….

  11. DON’T BUY THESE BOOTS . I’ve had 3 pairs of these boots they’ve all ended up splitting where the leather attaches to the sole. I got a free replacement for the first boots then the second split the third pair the sole became completely detached. I had friends that the same thing happened…

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