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hey guys this is nathan with nick's handmade boots 
today we are talking about how to condition your   work boots let's get right in if you missed 
our first video on how to deep clean your work   boots go ahead and check that out first today 
we're talking about how to condition your work   boots so you got to get them clean before you can 
condition them so it's pretty obvious to see that   this leather is pretty dry you can see on this 
black work leather some of these lighter spots you   can see on the edges of the heel as well that it's 
pretty dry there so we're going to take care of   all of this today with our conditioning and let's 
go to the next step so for the conditioning now   we're actually going to start with the upper which 
is essentially this whole portion here so in order   to start conditioning the boot we are actually 
going to start with just the upper portion here   we'll do the sole and heal later for conditioning 
the upper we're gonna use the nyx grease you can   see more about the grease and oil in this video 
here okay to apply the grease i'm gonna use a rag   you can use your hands as well but this tends to 
work pretty well for me so you're just going to   take a little bit of that grease here on the rag 
and then you'll see we'll just start to work this   into the leather so around the hardware here we 
don't want to put too much wax or oil around the   hardware as that could really soften up this 
leather so you can put light amounts around it   but try not to overdo it so we'll just continue on 
here with the conditioning like i said we'll put   sparingly around the hardware and get the 
whole boot conditioned now you can see as   a transition here how much of a difference that 
makes you can see this was just dry as could be   and needed this conditioner so nyx crease 
can go all the way up the the tongue   or gusset here keep it out of the inside but 
you can definitely put a good coat on the tongue okay once we're done putting all of the 
nyx grease onto the boot we can just let   it sit for a little while and allow 
that boot to absorb the conditioner   so you can see all the waxes that are still up on 
the top of the boot this is going to add a lot of   water resistance to your boot you can also tell 
most of the oils have soaked into the leather   and it doesn't feel oily to the touch now that 
we've conditioned the upper let's move down to   the edges of the heel block and the sole so 
for the work boots here these boots come with   black uppers and they'll have a black edge after 
wearing the boots and the edge dye wearing off   we're going to want to restore that so for that i 
like to use this stain wax this is a like a stain   wax kind of shoe polish type product if you want 
to purchase any of the products we used in this   video we'll leave a link below so because these 
boots had a black edge on them i'm going to use   the black shoe polish stain wax this stuff is 
pretty messy you're going to want to be careful   as this is going to stain any clothing that it 
would get on so i'll just take a rag similar to   how you'd shine shoes or boots just take a rag and 
get a little bit of this on my rag and then we'll   just start working this into the edges of the boot 
so you can see there's a small amount on the rag   and this heel block being dry you're going to need 
to work this into it so that it soaks in a bit so you can see how it starts to color that 
stack of leather and turn it black so we're   just going to keep doing this all the way around 
the boot and then i'll show you how it turns out so if you want you can also add 
some of that black into here   and dye the stitching but we're not going to 
worry about that today so after this sits on   the edges of the soles for a little while we 
can take a rag and just start to buff off any   extra this is going to keep that black from 
transferring on to clothing or onto floors   so at this point you can put in some new laces 
and false tongues get your boots laced up if you   like this tutorial and you want to see more like 
it go and hit that like button and subscribe to   our channel below otherwise you're good to 
lace up and start wearing your boots again you

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