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welcome to boot spy my name's william today i'm talking about how your red wing boots should fit so after this video you're going to know everything you need to know to go ahead shop online with red wing and get the perfect size boots let's get into it [Music] thank you so much for joining me as i said today we're talking about everything you need to know to get the right size red wings this is going to cover the iron rangers this is going to cover the mock toes so this is red wings heritage collection i'm not going to really discuss their work boots although that's pretty that's a lot more simple to find the right sizing but the heritage collection a lot of people have issues on how to get the right size i have an article version of this but i wanted to create a video version just to be more helpful so if that's something you need watch this video you can skip ahead to the mocto that's the second half the first half is going to be about the iron ranger the blacksmith anything with the bump toe last the number eight that's going to get covered in the first half so let's get started right now basically the short version of this question of how do you get the right sizing for most people red wing boots fit a half size larger than your sneaker size so if you're normally a size 11 in sneakers order a size 10 and a half in red wing boots if you have a more narrow foot you should get a full size smaller as red wing boots tend to have plenty of room in the toes for people with wider feet still order a half size smaller but just get the double e width keep in mind red wing boots are pretty variable and a lot of people have different experiences so i'm gonna give you my experience but i've also talked to a bunch of different brand representatives read tons of reviews i own four different pairs of red wings myself so this is a whole bunch of experience i just hope this is very helpful for you but ultimately you know you your mileage may vary i just got to say that up front little disclaimer so here we go let's start talking about the red wing iron ranger sizing so the red wing iron ranger is built on the famous number eight bump toe last this means there is tons of room up here for your toes to spread out and it actually can feel like a looser fit than you would normally get now the red wing iron ranger this is a very similar fit to the blacksmith or the redwing classic chelsea those are all built on the number eight last so everything i'm telling you here also applies to the blacksmith the beckman uh the round toe the classic chelsea anything built on that number eight last for most people you want to order the iron ranger a half size smaller than your standard sneaker size so if you wear a size 11 in sneakers like nike's adidas your best bet is to go with a size 10 and a half that's exactly what i did and the fit is perfect that said because of the bump toe style if you have more narrow feet you can go a full size down so like a size 10 for a snug and secure fit the extra room in the toe that's going to be super helpful for you narrow footed fellows the iron ranger is unique in that it should be quite snug around the sides of your foot when you first put it on it's going to be pretty tight there and you know you've got the right size if your heel is secure and there's room to wiggle around your toes but there's a slight squeeze along the sides of your arch the good thing is that portion of the leather it stretches really quickly so you're going to break that in in a matter of days maybe maybe weeks so even though if it starts off snug on the sides of your foot it's not like that's going to be an endless amount of pain for you that said don't mistake the break-in period for like over-tightness the iron rangers they do require a few maybe like seven days to a couple weeks and during that break-in you can get some blisters so don't be like oh man i'm getting blisters this is too tight it does take some time to break those in so just be a little bit patient with that when i bought my first pair of red wing iron rangers i went into the store and i got measured on their their cool little like digital device that showed my feet and everything like that so i know i got the right size but but if you're not able to pop into a redwing store or anything like that make sure you're just checking the return policy and that makes it a lot lot easier you shop on amazon super easy to do returns there whatever you want to do but make sure that's one of the best ways is just get your first fit and be ready to return it in a quick and easy way so just make sure you're checking out that return option before you buy one other thing to note so because this has a bump toe last and i'm also going to hold up the chelsea here because this has a bump toe last you can also go a full size smaller basically the idea is that you have a wider toe box and you have a taller toe box so you really want to err on the side of snugness with iron rangers or anything with the number eight bump toe last because you know this leather is gonna stretch out so you'll break it in it's gonna get whiter but the boot isn't you know it has enough room in the toes to wear if you're a size 10 in sneakers and you order a size nine in the iron ranger you're still gonna have room to go in the toe it's not going to be cramping up against your toes so if you're in between sizes you're not sure go with the smallest one because anything uh with the bump toe last the number eight that's the classic chelsea the blacksmith the the red wing iron ranger anything like that it's going to have extra room for you to wiggle around your toes that's not you're not going to get cramped there now let's move on to red wing mocto sizing this is the number 23 last so it's a little bit different if it's a little bit smaller a little bit shorter toe box is a little lower this goes for the raid wing mocto the rough neck i believe and then also the sawmill i think the sawmill and the rough neck are pretty much the same except for the sawmills a little more winterized um but yeah as you can see these are basically the same shape they just have some different details on them uh so this goes for all moc toes that runway offers so the number 23 last again is built a little bit larger especially larger than sneakers so your starting point should be a half size smaller than your normal sneaker size red wing uses leather from their own sb foot tanning company which tends to break in and stretch a bit more as it's worn so this is a desirable quality in leather but it can cause some folks to buy boots that are a little bit larger than they actually need when trying on your red wing mock toes it's good to feel a snug fit around the sides of your feet so it's even okay if it feels a little bit tight know that's going to stretch out however you shouldn't get a mock toe that cramps your toes and your heel should always sit securely in place the heel is kind of the key to the right fit for red wings because moctos have a lot of room in the front and your toes get some space to wiggle around you shouldn't run into any cramping issues in the toes otherwise they're too small but getting a half size smaller than your sneakers that should give you a snug fit in the sides with plenty of room in the toe still as you wear your mock toes they'll break in the tightness around the sides of your foot will fade away and it's going to leave you with the ideal fit just like with iron rangers if you have a more narrow foot you can try ordering a full size smaller than your sneakers with the makto there's so much room in the toe you can pretty much get away with that with both iron rangers and the mock toes or these two last to eight and 23 you can't do the thumb press on the toe trick you know if you're trying to figure out where your toe is it's not going to give you much valuable information because this is pretty firm so you're not going to really know where your toes at so kind of abandon that method and go with mainly the sides of your foot that's where you're going to get the best feeling right there redwing moctos and iron rangers all red wing heritage boots they're available in size d and double e that's basically widths most people are size d or d width but guys with wide feet you're going to want to go with a double e again like i said when getting red wing sizing it really depends on the shapes of your feet redwing has a lot of options though so you're definitely gonna be able to find something that works for you if you found this video helpful please give me a thumbs up and also hit that subscribe button down below because i have a video coming out really really soon where i am comparing red wing retail like full retail to the factory second so i'm gonna go side by side comparison how do they stack up so if you've ever been interested in a pair of red wing factory seconds uh there's a video coming out in a few weeks i'm going to dive into that whole thing is it going to be a super great video i'm excited for you guys to see it again my name is william this has been boot spy until next time put your best boot forward

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