Top 7 moc toe boots ranked best to worst

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[Music] so mocktober slash mock November December 
mock January mock mockery has finally come to a   close we cut apart seven men's mocto boots this 
year plus two women's and so now it's kind of the   end of the series wrap up for this year so we're 
gonna do a few different things in this video   we're gonna go through every single one of these 
boots and go through The Good the Bad and not the   ugly but the the best like basically what is it 
what is this boot best for we're also going to go   through and see how you guys ranked these boots 
and we're gonna go over the official Rose Anvil   ranking for the October 2022 and they're also 
going to show you what you guys ranked for across   the board every single mock till we cut apart the 
full ranking of how you guys ranked it from best   to worst moctos so that's the idea of this video 
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in the description and thanks again to the morning   Jam so the first thing I want to do is go through 
the boots one by one go through The Good the Bad   and the best so first let's start with the most 
expensive or close to the most expensive I guess   one of the more expensive boots on the in the 
lineup the field boot by Grant Stone so this   boot will take one half and one one hole this boot 
this boot retails for 380 it just released this   year the good of this boot is you can see it has 
tons of leather throughout the soul construction   a leather midsole a leather insole cork filling 
uh steel shank so the big thing that's awesome   about Grant stone is you get a full leather 
boot for an affordable price because they make   them in China and that's kind of the bad to some 
people you know I don't really care as much that   they're made in China because Grant Stone does 
it in a way that he takes care of they take care   of their employees they have high quality control 
that would Rivals any of the US boots and I would   say it's better than any of the US boots that 
we've cut apart but that's a bad thing for some   people some people don't like supporting stuff 
that's made in China for some reason China is even   though it's just as much of a different country 
as Mexico and Guatemala and Italy and all these   other places some people just really have hard 
time with stuff made in China but other than that   it's a pretty awesome boot so what is the grant 
Stone field boot boot best for well it's it's a   unique hybrid of a dressier style boot with kind 
of a work boot Inspire while maintaining a field   boot like Northeastern hunting like foul hunting 
boot all combined into one so you get all the high   quality materials you get the unique look while 
still maintaining some of the finer attributes   and aspects that Grant stone is known for next 
is the Red Wing 1907 retails for 300 310 Dollars   around that price range and the good of this boot 
it is a fully American made Boot and it's actually   fairly cheap for what you get because you have a 
leather insole cork filling rubber midsole so not   quite as many natural materials as like the grant 
stones but it's all made in the US and it's still   fifty dollars cheaper than their iron Ranger 
and I'd argue this one's built better than the   Iron Ranger so it's a pretty killer Boot and as 
for the bad some people don't like the fact that   they use a leatherboard counter I don't love the 
fact that it's a fake Norman region well because   it just kind of peels down and I just don't like 
the appearance of quality and the appearance of a   certain construction when it's just not that 
especially for a Heritage handmade boot so I   don't love the Norwegian well but what is it best 
for this is just a good all-around Heritage boot   it's the Classic Heritage mock toe look with a 
little bit wider toe box that the the regular   mock toes from Red Wings Red Wings don't have 
and you still are supporting a US company it   has that mock toe look and its Heritage through 
and through you could work use it for light work   but it's it's mostly for casual light duty work 
and for style next to everybody's favorite the   Alden Indie retails for 607 dollars this one's 
also made the United States and the good of this   boot if you didn't see the rose Anvil 2 video 
where I go through all the little aspects the   good and the parts about the the last that make 
it really unique because the initial video was   not very positive and I still consider this 
to be a severely overpriced boot but there's   a wiggle room there's some interesting things on 
wearing a pair of alden's for six months for the   patina Thunderdome I just went on the Stitch down 
podcast where me and the guys that run the patina   Thunderdome talked back and forth a lot about this 
boot as a little bit of a preliminary review of   my upcoming six month review so if you haven't 
listened to that podcast I'll put a link in the   description but to me the good of this boot is the 
anatomical last it's really wide but is it because   they kind of bring it to a point it hides how wide 
it actually is and it has this unique bananaing   effect instead of having a straight last it folds 
over so it makes room for your big toe the bad   lots of fake leather leather board cheap split 
leather insole and the materials do not live up   to that 610 dollar price in my opinion especially 
this particular cheap leather on the actual real   Alden Indies it's just a really heavy pigmented 
leather it's still from horween so it's a good   leather but I hate that heavy pigment that you can 
literally just take your fingernail and scratch   off so what is this best for a good American-made 
anatomical wide toe back toe box boot that you   can wear casually you can dress it up you can 
take care of it and keep it really shiny and   it's basically just a good all-around boot for 
everything but like really Hardware like hiking   and and some of the more rugged things you might 
do in a boot but for a good wide toe box boot it's   not a bad boot if you don't mind spending in my 
opinion twice the price you should next we have   the thoroughgood 1957 we've done we've cut apart 
quite a few thorough Goods but this is a unique   model that's based after their old pattern and 
it's an older style of mock Toe with like all this   stuff going on the back the good is I recommend 
thoroughgood probably more than any other mock toe   and almost more than any other boot because it's 
a fairly affordable boot it comes in at 290 so   not quite as cheap as it used to be but you still 
get that the wedge sole that's really comfortable   it's the max wear wedge so it's a polyurethane 
based cork filling and instead of leather you have   fiberboard and composite or synthetic materials 
which don't last quite as long as full leather   but they're they break in significantly faster 
these Red Wings take forever to break in their   pain and they're still just not quite as soft 
underfoot as a thorough good because of those   synthetic materials but the bad of it is those 
synthetic materials are never going to wear quite   as well and they're not going to last as long as 
full natural materials like leather or even as   long as the leather board counter in the Red Wings 
so what is it best for well it's it's just a good   all-around work boot there's almost no break-in 
period because of how soft and tumbly tumbled the   leather is the the synthetic materials on the 
inside make it compress the shape of your foot   really quick it has a nice fat insole so they're 
just a good all-around work boot for heavy duty   work light work even casual wear because they're 
still a nice looking mock toe boot next up is   the echo Staker 270 dollars made in Portugal and 
this is a unique one because it's very different   from all the traditionally made boots because 
there's a literal slab of one inch thick memory   foam throughout the midsole so it's going to be 
the absolute most mock toe that we've probably   ever cut apart but because of comfort a lot of 
times you sacrifice durability and longevity   that's going to be the case with this because 
it's got a thin rubber skin on the bottom that   you know it's it's only a couple it's only what 
like five millimeters thick at the lugs compared   to an entire wedge you'd have to wear through it 
could be argued these would wear the same rate   but they're still not going to wear quite as long 
nearly as long as like a full Rubber Sole kind of   like on these women's Nicks so that's kind of a 
good handbag but they they are just the good is   that they're going to be the most comfortable mock 
toes in the world so far that we've cut apart and   they are comfortable the bad is they're just not 
going to last as long and because it's a cemented   construction or direct injected construction a 
cobbler's not going to want to resell this for you   and they're just not the most attractive looking 
mocktails they're really wide they're really   bulbous but the leather is really good so what is 
this best for if you want a mock toe and you want   comfort and that's all that you care about this 
is the most comfortable mock toe even though it   might be a little bit pricey compared to some of 
the traditionally made boots just look how thick   this insole is that's three times as as thick as 
any other insole we've ever seen even though it's   even thicker than the thorough Goods so not a 
bad boot next to one of my personal favorites   the limbs this is their Summit boot which is an 
upgraded version of my personal favorite casual   recovery if my feet are worn out boot they're 
Bolder Boot and what they've done is taken that   Boulder boot slapped a better outsole on it made 
it waterproof better leather added a little bit of   a softer collar and you still maintain that really 
wide toe box with a very minimal drop in the heel   and it's only 2 170 dollars it is made in China 
but for a lightweight casual flexible Barefoot   nearly zero drop boot it's really hard to beat 
the bat is once again this is not something you   could have resold you have to buy a new one every 
time you want a new pair which for 170 bucks isn't   too crazy and to be honest it's just not the most 
attractive looking boot because it's more that at   least in my opinion it's very subjective right 
because it's it's an outdoorsy looking inspired   boot with like the material the different fabric 
materials because of the wide toe box it's just   going to look a little bit more wide and bulbous 
so I'll show you compared like The Echoes you know   it's even wider than the Echoes so what is this 
best for this is an awesome boot if you don't like   having your toes squished you want to go on some 
light hikes to medium hikes it's going to hold up   really well because of the the Rubber outsole 
and you can wear those little toe spacers in   these boots and it feels so good after breaking 
in a bunch of Pacific Northwest boots it's just   a good all-around comfortable boot next to the 
Nike Kingman this is basically is a stay away   at all cost Boot and I don't even think they make 
it anymore but it's very much up to Nike standard   really cheap split backed with a canvas because 
the the suede split leather just doesn't hold up   the outsole is very soft and is not going to last 
as long as even some of these other wedges because   this is just like a really cheap lightweight foam 
and it's basically just like walking around on a   midsole it does have a shank but for the most part 
you might as well just spend an extra 50 bucks and   get a better mock toe boot because Nike has a very 
hard time making a decent boot from everything   that we've seen But I want to do an ACG series to 
really see what they've got when it comes to the   Outdoor World because it's hard to really judge 
an entire department and brand off a single boot   but this is one you want to stay away from unless 
you just happen to find it in a thrift store or   someone gives it to you it's just not a good boot 
now to the women's boot boots before you click   away there's only two of them and your girlfriend 
might want a pair so it's worth just sticking   around for a couple minutes not completely ruining 
our audience retention but the Red Wing Clara at   339 dollars made in the U.S didn't have as much 
leather as I expected but it does have a leather   midsole so it kind of makes up for the synthetic 
on the inside and women aren't going to wear boots   don't want I don't want to generalize but a lot of 
women that I know don't wear boots nearly as long   or as hard as men so it's it's excusable and they 
do have a full half leather heel stack alternating   leather board with leather to keep the stability 
still shank the classic red wing Leather So it's   a really nice boot if you got a girl who's uh 
wanting to get into the mock toe world in the   Heritage world it's a nice easy gradual way to 
get into it because there's not that really heavy   leather through the insole and then to the Nyx 
Moc Toe it's essentially the exact same thing that   you would get as a man but in a smaller size for 
women and it's built to the same standard there's   nothing different between this mock toe and the 
other mock toe I have except for that deletion   of the Blake stitch on the inside it's built 
up to Nick's standard and significantly better   than Red Wings but it's twice the price of the 
Red Wing so you get what you pay for and like I   mentioned with the women's red wing you might 
want to start with a more affordable Heritage   boot for your lady first then slowly get her used 
to this heavy duty takes forever to break in but   she'll appreciate how it feels underfoot and how 
how these layers break in once she can compare and   contrast and once she's actually got these broken 
in they're worth taking a look and now it's time   for the official Rose Anvil ranking of the 2022 
moctober December to January February however many   months it went so the official ranking starting 
from worst working our way up to best the worst   Nike Kingman next is the limb Summit next is 
the echo stalker in fourth place the thorough   good 1957 third place to Alden Indy second place 
the Red Wing in 1907 and first place best overall   quality no and this is not considering value just 
strict quality and materials and construction   technique number one Grant Stone field Boot and 
how does that compare to what you guys ranked we   put a poll in the comments or the description 
you guys ranked it worst is Nike Kingman then   Lems then the echo Staker and then Alden Indie 
swapped places with the thorough goods for you   guys thorough Goods at number three then Grant 
stone at number two swapping out the Red Wing   for number one so red wing 1907 number one for 
you guys that ranked them in the little form that   we made that's interesting so you guys swapped 
Alden and Thorogood and Grant Stone and Redwing   interesting I'd like to hear what your argument is 
for swapping those because I felt pretty confident   in my ranking maybe some of the Alden swapping 
and scoring is based off of my particular review   um and I'm curious yeah I'm really curious why 
you put red wing 1907 is number one so let me   know below and now for the one I've really been 
interested in I haven't looked at any of these yet   how do all the boots rank all the mock toe boots 
that we've ever cut apart in your guys's opinion   well in the 18th spot the Carhartt six inch wedge 
respect next 17th spot is a Harley Davidson mockto   boots those were terrible number 16 the brunts I 
would argue those are worse than any of them to   be fair because they're just like it's this brunt 
is a brand in my opinion that's using the Workwear   name and selling a really terrible boot that's 
just cemented to the people who need it and need   to rely on it the most and I think their marketing 
is deceptive so I would put that as the very last   one but that might just be my personal uh this 
taste in how they do things next to number 15   the Nike Kingman number 14 the Carolina eight 
inch mock which is essentially the same thing   as a thorough good so it's interesting you guys 
rank that so low it does have a few uh parts that   aren't as good number 13 the echo Staker number 12 
the Lem Summit number 11 the Danner Bull Run that   one the rank lower than I thought number 10 the 
Thursday Diplomat number nine is is the thorough   good 8-inch mock number eight Alden Indy number 
seven the Red Wing 875 which is their classic Mach   but a six inch version number six the thorough 
good 1957 the one we talked about the classic   one there that were like old school pattern 
I guess number five you put the grant Stone   field boot number four is the Red Wing 877 which 
is the eight inch version of their classic mock   interesting that was such a difference from number 
four down to number seven and it's essentially the   same boot number three is the White's Perry so 
you guys put that above all the other competing   mock toes and the Red Wings and the thorough Goods 
it usually is in the same category number two the   1907 Redwing so you guys put that as number two I 
think there's an argument to be made there and the   number one best mocktail it's still hard to beat 
the Knicks quality and construction and materials   and overall durability of this boot when you just 
really look at it for what it is it's hard to   argue that this isn't the highest quality mock toe 
in the world that doesn't mean it's the perfect   boot for everybody because they are heavy they 
take forever to break in but when you just look   at the materials for what it is it's hard to say 
this is not the best quality there's an argument   to be made that it's not the best value because 
some people value a 90 boot because they're only   going to be popping around two or three times a 
year in them they just want it for the look and   remember these these rankings are based off of 
strictly quality not value so that's why these   will rank number one until we find something to 
beat it so if you guys can think of a boot that's   better than the Nyx mocktail that's a mocktail 
style let me know because it's gonna be tough   to pull this one off the top of the charts for 
basically until the next October and that is the   end of the mock toe finale even though it's 
a few months late I really enjoyed this in   October it was really fun working with all these 
Brands and seeing what's on the inside of some   of these boots that I've always wondered about 
and mocktober is still just one of my favorite   series because we get to really dive into a very 
specific type of boot and see what's what and who   makes the best who makes the worst who's lying in 
their marketing and branding and where you should   be spending your hard earn money so if you like 
this style of video let me know because I love   doing these rankings I love sharing what you guys 
have to say and these these cap these like recap   videos the finales and the conclusions of these 
series is really fun so support if you like it   and thank you guys so much for everything you 
do and supporting these series and everything   else that we do thanks again to the morning 
dram for sponsoring this video go try their   whiskey coffee it's really cool I think if you're 
a coffee head you're gonna like this it's it's a   unique way of it's a it's a unique spin on coffee 
so thank you guys for everything see ya [Music]

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