“Conquer Rough Terrain: The Timberland Pro Mudslinger 86515214 Boot Review”

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The Ultimate Summer Boot: The Timberland Mudslinger

With summertime approaching, we're all searching for the perfect lightweight, comfortable, and durable work boots. Enter the Timberland Mudslinger. With its waterproof, flexible, and multi-layered design, this steel-toe work boot ticks all the boxes for a hard-working summertime footwear option.

Lightweight and Reinforced

The Timberland Mudslinger is a lightweight work boot with a steel toe that provides superior support and protection from impact. The shoe features multiple reinforced sections, including the heel cup and the steel toe section, which extends slightly into the foot for added durability.

Dual-Density Sole Design

Timberland employs a true dual-density sole in their Mudslinger boot, using a harder outer skin and a soft inner cushion to provide outstanding energy return while still ensuring toughness and durability. This construction allows your feet to be constantly cushioned in a soft, form-fitting material, keeping you comfortable all day long.

Sporty Aesthetics

The Mudslinger boasts a sporty design, differentiating it from traditional Timberland PRO work boots. This aesthetic shift makes it appeal to a wider audience, including those who want a stylish yet functional work shoe.

Waterproof Construction

The boot is waterproof thanks to a combination of a waterproof nubuck upper, a waterproofing membrane, and careful sealing of all individual sections. This offers the wearer two layers of waterproofing, ensuring that your feet stay dry even in the harshest of conditions.

Flexible and Lightweight

One of the best features of the Timberland Mudslinger is its Flex Zone sole. This design offers significant flexibility and lightweight comfort, which is especially appreciated during long days on your feet. The boot's combination of flexibility and lightweight construction make it one of the lighter and more durable offerings in the Timberland PRO lineup.

Lacing System Made to Last

Despite initial concerns about the Mudslinger's lacing system – which utilizes webbing instead of metal eyelets – its durability has proven to stand the test of time. The webbing barely shows any signs of wear and tear, even after countless hours on the job.

Comfortable Ankle Support

The Timberland Mudslinger boot features a neoprene padded stitched-down edging material that fits snugly around the ankle, ensuring a comfortable, sock-like fit. This design helps seal out dirt and debris, protecting your feet and keeping them clean during even the dirtiest of jobs.

Waterproof, But Breathable

One of the most essential features of a good summer boot is its ability to be both waterproof and breathable. The Timberland Mudslinger succeeds in offering both these qualities, with its waterproof construction and comfortable ankle support to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Room for Improvement: The Insole

While the Timberland Mudslinger has many great features, one area that could use improvement is the insole. The provided insole is rather thin and does not offer much in terms of cushioning or support. Some users may find it necessary to replace the insole with a more supportive option to ensure maximum comfort during long days on their feet.


If you are in the market for a lightweight, comfortable, and durable summer work boot, the Timberland Mudslinger deserves your consideration. Its sporty aesthetic, waterproof construction, and carefully designed sole make it a solid choice for hardworking men and women looking for high-quality footwear for the warmer months.

If you are a current user of the Timberland Mudslinger, share your experience in the comments below, and let others know what you love (or don't love) about this boot. If you are interested in learning more about the Mudslinger or want to purchase a pair, visit the official Timberland website or dedicated retailers for detailed information and photos. And don't forget to subscribe to stay updated on the latest information and reviews on Timberland PRO products – your feet will thank you!

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  1. I just bought a pair of these, let me tell you. I work in extreme cold conditions, and I work in the woods sometimes. Yes, I am looking for a steel toe. But I also want a light boot. Why buying a chunky heavy boot ( which i also have )? These boots are the best of both worlds. Very happy.

  2. Iv had my pair for 5 years now the insole is kinda cheap but really everything it has going is great iv done door factory work the first 2 years and now an orderfiller putting 14 miles on them every day and still holding up to cap stitching is starting to give out but really a great boot

  3. I had two pairs of the mudslinger. I love them. What draw me to these boots was the look actually. But once i wore them they were great. It was light weight & flexible. My first paire i brought a while back in 2014. Once i wore those out i went & got a 2nd paire in 2016. I really can't complain cause TO ME these boots work. If anything i would say the insoles. Yes timberland could had done a better job, and could have had a better support for energy impact. For working/walking/being on your feet all day they fine. I had different jobs while i had both pairs. My first job was forklift, alot of times I had to get off the lift & when my heel touch the warehouse floor by the end of the night my feet were tired & felt lower back pain. When i got my 2nd paire of mudslingers at another warehouse job i didn't need to get off my cherrypicker the way i did on my last job. My feet were fine. When i switch departments the same results i had. Now at a different job i use a cartpicker & have to get off continuously, by the middle of my work day my feet had had enough. By the end of the night my feet are so sore, tire & hurt, as soon as i get home i have to massage my feet with my dual foot massager roller for 30 mins then a cold shower to help heal up & realeased stress on my whole foot & lower back. Like i said i like these boots they really are fine but if u work at a warehoue were you have to constantly get off a work machine (forklift, electric pallete jacks or cart pickers) (my 2nd job i never really did had to do that, my feet werent tire by the end of my shift) you will feel the pain. As much as like these boots ( i had two paires) I'm thinking of giving a different boot a try. Its either gonna be the WOLVERINE LEGEND DURASHOCKS CARBONMAX or TIMBERLAND HYPERION WATERPROOF.

  4. Great Job again, I really respect your opinions. I have been looking for a boot/shoe for work that is lightweight/flexible/cool in heat and tough looking. I have tried the Ariat Rebar Giga Flex and it just didn't feel comfortable. I am a Set Builder/wood fabricator/painter. Thanks Boot Guy from Chris

  5. This is a very comfortable boot,I work in construction,been wearing them for six plus years,just can't get more than a year out of them.also not in store anymore,but can get them online.Just switched to the boondock boot(just trying to get something more durable)

  6. Crazy, I was expecting one of the footbeds you just reviewed and it turns out to be bust. I don't get the steel toe in shoes like this, are they available in soft toe?

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