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Timberland Pro Series Boot Review: 2 Months In


In early January, I started my new job and purchased a pair of Timberland Pro Series boots. I've been wearing them every day for almost two months now, and I wanted to provide an updated review on their performance. In this article, I'll discuss the comfort, durability, and overall value of these boots and provide my honest opinion on whether or not they're worth the investment.

The Comfort Factor

As a 300-pound individual, comfortable footwear is a must for me. The main attraction of these Timberland boots is their lightweight design. I wear them for long hours each day, and I am on my feet at work from 4:30 am until 6:30 pm. I have found that the insoles of these boots are incredibly durable and provide a good amount of cushioning, despite the impressions of my feet being seen through them.

The carbon toe is another great feature of these boots, providing protection without adding extra weight to the shoe. The wide version offers plenty of room for my feet, and I don't feel the carbon toe unless I move my toes upwards.

Durability and Wear

The leather on these boots seems to be of good quality, and I have found that they can withstand the daily wear and tear of my job at a tree company. Even after spending several days in heavy rain, I was amazed at how dry my feet remained. However, I have noticed a few issues with the rubber toe cap and the leather getting small tears from kicking brush.

The most significant issue I have encountered with these boots is the premature wear on the soles. After only two months of wear, I noticed a quarter-inch portion of the heel worn away. This is concerning for a pair of boots that cost $200, especially since the majority of my walking is done on soil, not concrete.

Are they worth the price?

Overall, I believe the Timberland Pro Series boots are a decent option for those seeking lightweight, comfortable boots that can withstand the elements. However, I do not feel that they are worth the $200 price tag due to the premature sole wear. If you can find them on sale for around $150, the value would be much better.

Comparing to Other Brands

As a boot enthusiast, I am currently wearing the Wolverine Hellcats and have been wearing the AdTech Super Loggers casually for about a month. If you're interested in more detailed reviews on these boots or have any suggestions for other brands to try, please let me know in the comments, and I'll be happy to provide more information.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Timberland Pro Series boots offer comfort and durability for long workdays. However, I would only recommend the investment if you can find them on sale due to the premature wear on the soles. If Timberland were to improve this issue, these boots would be an excellent option for those seeking lightweight, protective footwear for their jobs.

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  1. One of the reason the sole is worn-out at the back end is because you have flat feet, your not dragging, you are stepping according to the shape of your feet… 🦶

  2. I’ve been looking at boots and these seem a well made boot but here in the UK 🇬🇧 my job is a drive a dust cart but sometimes I do have to pull push the wheelie bins and we do walk between 13-18 miles per day which is a lot of walking without the manhandling of the bins and if these souls of the boot are wearing as quickly as this then for the price I’d be buying new boots every month. The steel toe cap boots our council supplies aren’t suitable for the work we do because they are heavy steel toe capped.

  3. My timbs had holes… by 8 moths i sent it back…with the warranty and they sent a letter back…saying that i did it in purpose 🤦🏽‍♂️ never buying timberland again

  4. Hi!
    I watched your video maybe 3 times. I am about buying one off these or boondock 6". What I am curious about is water resistence. I work on CNC machine, stone industry, so…. water is all around for 9 hours a day. In my country I cannot try them, and easily return, have to order them…. So I really don't want to spent that much money ad still have wet feet.
    Are the really that good like you said?
    After some time now, are they still that strong water resistant?

  5. I know I’m late to the party but I actually just got a pair of these and so far I really like them. Nice and light which is really nice running heavy equipment I don’t feel like I have anchors on my feet!! Thanks for the reviews it actually made me look at these. Last boots were the timberland pro Hyperions which are also a nice boot.

  6. I bought my first Timberland boots and chose the Summit model, I hope they are comfortable for the day to day I work for a company to cut and remove trees and I need resistant footwear.

  7. I work hard also brother. Ill ruin a pair of $300 boots in months. I do Abuse the warranty. Georgia boot refunds and replaces boots no questions asked. I just bought a pair of Timberland Pros because how they felt. Lets see if they have the same support.

  8. Get some timberland pro boondocks. I’m a builder , framing custom homes on cape cod. Harsh winters and always wet weather. Best boots I’ve ever owned . Most comfortable and most durable. 10x better then my redwings.

  9. Great video, I’ve been wearing Timberland Pro Series for almost 5 years and the only complaint I have is once the really break in, the toe tends to “flop around” and after walking a lot when it does that it actually hurts your foot. I found a solution that takes care of a majority of it and that’s replace with the exact insole it comes with. Thanks again for the great review

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