“The Timberland Pro: Was It Worth $150? One Year On”

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After one year of using Timberland Pro boots, the author is impressed with their durability and comfort, despite some minor wear and tear. While the initial cost of $150 may seem steep, the long-lasting quality justifies the price. Additionally, the boots offer protection for the feet and ankles, which is important for those working in construction or other labor-intensive industries. The author also highlights the importance of proper care for the boots, including regular cleaning and conditioning, to maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan. Overall, the Timberland Pro boots are worth the investment for anyone in need of durable and comfortable work footwear.


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  1. I just got these and pretty excited about them. The last pair of really good working boots I had were my Redwings, definitely going for another pair of those in the near future.

  2. Yours look like THAT after a year of hard usage? Buddy… I work at a landfill. I run cover, roll offs, compactor, debris filtering/inspection, and a few other things on a daily. I’ve had mine for two months and they look like they were attacked by hungry hyenas. 😂 i have to buy new boots every 4-6 months but unfortunately there are only a couple boots that meet the requirements our company has for footwear certs.

  3. I thought about getting the Premium but the Pro soft toe Timberlands seem to be more sturdy and better built also the Black leather looks more sleek, just the soles are thicker could work as casual boots you think ?

  4. Thank you for the review! I live up north where it's raining a lot. Would you recommend them for scooter driving? I touch the ground pretty often and I'm worried about the rubber wearing off fast.

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