“The Ultimate Work Boot: Timberland Pro Boondock 6″ – The Boot Guy Review”

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The Boot Guy has reviewed the Timberland Pro Boondock 6″ boots. These boots are designed for heavy-duty work and are made of waterproof leather. They have a durable rubber toe cap, a padded collar, and an anti-fatigue insole. The laces are made of high-strength material and the boots have a composite safety toe. The Boot Guy found the Boondock 6″ boots to be comfortable and supportive, with a good fit and excellent traction. Overall, he recommends the boots for anyone who needs a durable and reliable work boot.


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  1. I've been wearing these for the last 10 years. My company has a boot voucher every year and I now have 3 brand new pears sitting in my closet because these wear like iron.

  2. I bought a pair about a year ago to replace my keens. I thought my keens where the most comfortable boot I ever had. But now 1 year later I’m convinced the timberland pro boondock is the most comfortable boot I’ve ever owned. I’m a commercial plumber and these boots have held up and are still in great condition. I would recommend this boot

  3. Just wore mine for the first time doing demo on a house. They did pretty good. My feet don’t hurt or anything but I will say the leather did scratch easy and now I have a little tear in the leather. So kind of upset about that but other than that, they’re just fine.

  4. I’ve had it in Northwestern Montana No bill, I hiked in 6 inches of snow in Glacier a park with the Boondock It was more comfortable than my hiking boots

  5. Looking into Timberlands. however I walk between 4 tro 14 miles a day in my boots, not sure about the weight, definately want a composite toe. I also work in lots different elements,wet,dry,hot, mud, etc…

  6. Had my pair for six months and just now had to replace them because I wore through the sole. The most comfortable boot I have had. I work all day and my feet don't hurt at the end of the day.

  7. Close to 60 days in this boot now, and only one complaint. My feet slide down onto the toebox, I have tried a few different styles of 🧦 socks, and that's not helping. I'm going to change the inserts next, and hopefully that resolves the issue.

  8. I just bought the 8" I'm looking forward to it. For the last 20 years I thought of Timberland as garbage compared to say carolina, Thorogood etc. but their pro series started to impress me after my buddy bought some And talked me into it

  9. I’ve worn this boot for 1 year straight and I’ll give it a score of 6/10 over all!
    They’re great if your doing regular easy work but in concrete forming like I do they’re a 6/10 cause mine started to leak after about a month… in Canada it gets really cold in winter months and when ur feet are wet … it’s the enemy of your day! To me as a guy who weighs about 260lbs they are also a heavy boot!

  10. I’ve had this boot for 8 years and there still waterproof! The only thing I’ve had to do is change out the inner soul which is easy as. Best boots I’ve EVER had period!!

  11. What would be the best product to treat these for waterproofing new out of the box? No where in The literature does it even say what type of leather they are.

  12. Just received my pair of Timberland Pro Boots 6" last March 8, 2022 from Amazon, they are very comfortable, you will not notice the weight because it grabs through your ankle and your entire feet, as compared to Caterpillar Excavator XL 6", the Timberland Pro Boondock is more comfortable, I am very happy with my purchases, I will buy another brand of boot, this time I will try the Keen Utility Philadelphia with Met Guard.

  13. The most comfortable, warmest, durable boot ever. A bit heavy but you forget about the weight as soon as u lace them. Only downsides is the inner heal wears down in the 8inch version. I have both the 6 inch version and the 8 inch version. I alternate them because they can build up a little moisture because the don't vent that good. But I'm sure it's for good reason. I use these for winter activities too because of the grip and warmth. They are warmer than my big baffin workbooks somehow🤔. Other than keen, il probably never wear another boot.

  14. I am eyeing to buy this boot, It looks sturdy and very appealing, I bought a CATERPILLAR boots, but my gut told me to buy also this pair, I am probably wearing this pair of boots on my motorcycle tour rides, just the perfect boot for the Philippine Loop with my common law wife.

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