“Timberland Boondock: The Ultimate Work Boot for Any Job”

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Timberland offers a wide range of work boots to suit every occasion. One of their most popular models is the Boondock, which is designed to withstand tough working conditions.

The Boondock work boot is made with premium waterproof leather and features a molded rubber toe protector for added durability. The dual-density Dynamic Anti-Fatigue Technology footbed provides superior cushioning and support for all-day comfort.

The Boondock also has a non-marking and slip-resistant outsole that provides excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The anti-fatigue technology also helps to reduce foot fatigue and discomfort, making it ideal for long shifts on hard surfaces.

This work boot is available in a range of sizes and widths to fit most foot types. It is also available in both soft and steel toe options to meet the safety requirements of different job sites.

In addition to its functional features, the Boondock has a stylish design that can be worn both on and off the job. Its rugged appearance makes it a popular choice for workers in the construction, electrical, and machinery industries.

Overall, the Timberland Boondock work boot is a versatile and reliable choice for anyone who needs a durable and comfortable work boot that can handle tough conditions. With its premium materials, advanced technology, and stylish design, the Boondock is one of the top work boots on the market today.


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  1. Thank you for your review! I have the same problem with my Dunlop – they split apart. So what kind of inner tune did you use to repair them?

  2. Hey sandy! Nice review, I'm looking into the same boot but the boondock logger. How are the normal 8 currently. Also if you enjoyed have you looked into the loggers. I know you said in the past about limited availability.
    My foot doc told me a shoe with bigger heel than (rubber/cushion) in the front. I broke part of my foot looking for best support to be on it again.

  3. I had the same experience when putting on the boondocks. From the first second i knew they felts awesome (and I have never found a steel or composite toe shoe that has ever fit with comfort} and i was willing to over pay for them! Only time will tell how they hold up. How are yours doing with 7 months of wear? @Sawing with Sandy

  4. I think you are probably happy with the boondock's so far. I assume you have the insulated version of the ones I wear. I live in a hotter climate than you and do quite different work. Mine typically last 6 months to a year but that's because I wear the toe to the pint the stitching won't hold kneeling on roofing shingles. I would love to hear how they hold up away from hardscape and also how they are keeping your feet warm in the cold.

    I stick with this boot because they are the most comfortable on my wide feet and the open toe box allows my toes to move around as they should. That is soo important for long term foot health. What good is it keeping your feet protected if that protection is destroying them? Timberland has done a fabulous job of protecting our feet comfortably,

    Anyway, it's interesting to see my boots on the feet of a woodsman and I would love to hear a long term review in this light.

  5. i have those same timberlands.. not a fan. my favorite lately has been Thorogood. as far as lower cost and comfort goes, i like a lighter wolverine in the summer. my thoughts are.. i'm gonna buy two pairs of boots a year anyway. why not go seasonal. toe cap is a necessity!

  6. I have had a pair of the Timberlands for over a year maybe 2 now. Dunlops for over 3. Timberlands hands down are the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. You will love them. I am due for another pair. My insoles just wore out and the back part of the stitching separated a couple inches above the heel. Great in the winter. Your videos are great!

  7. Nice vid, I JUST ordered Timberland Pro from Amazon. I’m a truck driver, my boots are on 18+ hrs a day. So I want quality and comfort. My employer will GIVE me a FREE pair of boots every year…. BUT, they are poor quality, ripping after 4 months, laces broke to. Once they’re broken in, they’re ready to trash.

  8. trying boots on is always best. but it is much harder now. stores are not stocking the good justin boots any more only one's made in china. there is nothing worse than boots that hurt your feet. take care, be safe and well.

  9. Sandy, you have another career as a boot salesman! Interesting video and as us cold and wet weather outdoorsy guys know, without warm dry comfortable feet, life sucks. Sean

  10. Nice detailed review, I've been looking for a new pair of workboots and you sold me on the Boondocks. Went to Mark's this morning and picked up a pair, worked in the woods all afternoon and happy to report that they apear to be as good as advertised! Very comfortable and my feet are thanking you!

  11. what's this all a "BOOT A"….. Sorry bud I'm from Michigan and have a lot of Canadian friends and we like to give each other crap. I have a pair of Irish Setters and love them only for the cold, my summer boots are Red Wings but for some reason I could not find them last weekend so I wore tennis shoes while cutting and splitting wood witch was probably not the best decision.

  12. Living in a quite similar weather as you, I also put felt sole in my rubber boot + bama + merino wool socks and never felt cold even at -35/-40C. 😉 Since more than 40 years, to add comfort, weatherproof and longevity to my leather boots I also put/wear rubber overshoes (as the Robson made by Acton) and it feel lot more warmer, plus weather protection. Over the years I've tried many other brand (trying to save $$) but always came back to Acton's Robson. The only drawbacks is additionnal weight and slightly less traction.

  13. Sandy, you are so right proper fitting boots are important and safety for the work you do, after 30 yrs of wearing leather boots in the environment i agree leather is the best- look for prospector or emu leather "polish" at Marks i it was designed to be used with gortex liner t is a great product to condition and water proof the leather but does not prevent the leather from breathing outwards like bees wax does- been using it or Danner paste with my field boots in the army for 25 yrs.

  14. Thanks for the boot review. I have a hard time finding good boots that fit well. In some of your earlier videos you mentioned maple syrup/sugar making. Have you considered making some videos about that? I imagine the time for that has gone by this year but maybe in the future?

  15. Hi Sandy!!😀😀
    I'm with you on the Irish Setter boots. I have a pair that I wear in the winter and actually can't remember how many winters I have had them now. I do believe I just finished up my fifth winter and if they keep going the way they have. I should be able to get at least a couple more years out of them.
    Take care my friend!!😀😀

    Logger Al

  16. My favourites so far are the Keen hikers I bought. At least for comfort. From day 1 they fit great. Gore-tex keeps my feet dry too. Not great in ice and snow thought, but they weren't bought for that. Not safety boots, but they do have them. They have other winter type models too. If the others are as comfortable as the ones I have, they will be a winner.

  17. Nice boot line up there Sandy…. Great Canadian footwear lol. Those timberland boots are very good quality, we have been wearing them for a couple of years now. However, if the timberland are next to the redwings…. I will slap on the redwings 80% of the time during the summer and 100% of the time in winter.

  18. 6:17 "rejuvenate with beeswax" … May I recommend a 50/50 mix of beeswax and pure neetsfoot oil applied with a mild heat. Buff off any excess. The oil penetrates deeper into the fibers and is a great conditioner while the wax forms a decent protective surface layer. Leaves a matte finish and will darken the leather, so don't go crazy and put a half gallon on each boot. Also adds some water resistance.

  19. As the great Survivorman Les Stroud says "you sweat you die".

    As a former Army man, I can honestly say I've spent $15,000 on footwear. And I am glad every penny was spent because my feet are in tip top shape still to this day.

    Reward yourself, get those expensive boots!

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