“Timberland Pit Boss Work Boots Dissected – What’s Inside?”

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The Timberland Pit Boss Work Boots have been cut in half to reveal the components that make up the footwear. The boots have a steel toe, which provides protection for the wearer's toes. The outsole is made of a rubber compound that provides traction and durability. The midsole is made of EVA foam, which provides cushioning and support for the feet. The boots also have a removable footbed that can be replaced if necessary. Additionally, the boots have a padded collar and tongue, which provides comfort and support around the ankle. The Timberland Pit Boss Work Boots are designed to provide protection and comfort for workers on job sites.


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  1. That orange plat is probably what makes these my favorite boot I've owned.
    Very good support for walking.
    I've had mine 20+ months & they are wearing great.
    I highly recommend. They run slightly small compared to other boots.

  2. Hey Best!

    Thanks for your review and for cutting in half your boots.

    Can you tell me if the welt itself is leather as well?

    Some boots have a plastic welt which can crack over time.

    Thanks again.

  3. In your opinion, what's the most comfortable, lightweight steel toe? I'm a machine welder and am on my feet 12 hours a day. Thanks for the videos!

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