Timberland Pro Pit Boss Review: Ultimate Work Boot Guide

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Timberland Pit Boss Boots: A Comprehensive Review One Year Later

Timberland is a popular and well-reputed brand when it comes to outdoor, work, and casual footwear. One of their popular work boots, the Timberland Pit Boss, has gotten a lot of attention when it comes to durability, style, and performance. In this comprehensive review, I will be discussing my experience with these boots, a year after wearing and testing them in various conditions. I'll take a closer look at their overall performance, the quality of materials used, stitching, breathability, and comfort.

Initial Impressions

Upon unboxing the new boots, I noticed that they had a pleasant smell, and the overall appearance of the boots was appealing. The stitching looked good, and everything seemed to be in order. Of course, the real test comes with wearing and putting the boots through their paces, which I did over a period of a year.

The Boots After One Year of Use

After a year of wearing the Timberland Pit Boss boots regularly, there are a few points I'd like to highlight. First, the stitching held up exceptionally well, even after regular use and exposure to various weather conditions. Additionally, the leather material remained in good condition, mainly due to using a wax coating to help protect the boots. This coating was applied twice during the year, and I used a simple wax product designed to protect wood, metal, leather, and plastic surfaces. This wax helped maintain the leather's appearance and prevented it from drying out.

Quality of Materials and Construction

One issue that I encountered with the boots was the rivets. For some reason, the rivets didn't hold up very well, even though I don't usually lace my boots too tight. I suspect this may have been a manufacturing defect. On the plus side, there were no issues with the laces, and I did not experience any tearing or fraying.

Inner Soles and Comfort

The inner soles of the boots, made of metal, remained in good condition after a year, even with heavy use. However, I did notice minor cracks in the soles, which could be attributed to the way I walk or the amount of pressure I put on the boots over the year. The cracks did not significantly impact the boot's overall functionality or comfort, though.

Water Resistance and Breathability

The Timberland Pit Boss boots are water-resistant, but they are not entirely waterproof. If you step in water briefly, your feet might stay dry, but if you spend extended periods in wet or muddy conditions, water will seep into the boots. As a result, if you plan on using these boots in continuously damp environments, I recommend investing in a boot dryer to help keep your boots dry and ready for use.

Another minor issue I discovered was that the boots did not provide sufficient breathability for my liking. My feet tended to sweat and feel uncomfortable, especially during warm and humid days. If you're looking for a boot that offers better breathability, the Timberland Pit Boss might not be the best option for you.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Timberland Pit Boss boots have held up reasonably well over the year I used them. Despite certain issues such as the rivets and breathability, the overall durability, stitching, and comfort of the boots remained consistent. However, due to the issues mentioned earlier and a personal preference for lighter footwear, I won't be repurchasing these boots. I am considering trying out the Carhartt Wedges, which offer a more lightweight and breathable option that hopefully retains the ruggedness and durability needed for work conditions.

That being said, if you're not as concerned about breathability or are looking for a reliable work boot for occasional use with suitable water resistance, the Timberland Pit Boss could still potentially serve your needs. Ultimately, my review highlights my personal experience and preferences, and different individuals may have varying opinions and experiences with these boots.

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  1. Timberland pros are garbage my fresh black pair sole disintegrated, still looks new except the sole, been wearing timberlands since 1990. The quality is gone. Will never buy timberlands ever again

  2. Carhartt has really good work wear shirts,pants etc but they're boots are really shitty. If you can afford it you should check out Justin boots style 760 made in USA boots they're very durable and breathable. I've had my current pair for over 5 years.

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