“Ultimate Work Boot? 2021 Timberland Pro Boondock Review!”

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The writer of the article has been wearing the Timberland Pro Boondock boots for one month and is now sharing a review of their experience. The boots have a composite safety toe which meets ASTM standards for impact and compression, and also have a puncture-resistant plate. The boots are waterproof and have anti-fatigue technology, which provides comfort for long periods of standing or walking. The writer found the boots to be very comfortable and supportive, even on long days at work. The boots also feel durable and well-made, and the writer is impressed with their overall construction. However, they note that the boots run a bit large and advise ordering them a half size smaller than usual. Overall, the writer highly recommends the Timberland Pro Boondock boots for anyone in need of comfortable, supportive work boots.


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  1. Update sept 2021. These are not waterproof after a few months of use. Pretty disappointing that they didnt even last a year at this price point. I think it has only been 6 months of use.

  2. Nice Sjobergs workbench, I like all the vices on there and adjustable clamp peg holes! Building out my own set of tools and workshop for some welding and wood working on random projects for fun! Just subbed haha and I'm just in Beech Grove!

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