“Ultimate Work Boot: Timberland Pro Boondock Review by Roger Waldman”

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The Timberland PRO Boondock 6″ Composite Safety Toe/Waterproof Work Boot has been reviewed by Roger Waldman. The boots are priced at $205.00 and are designed for workers who require safety features and waterproofing. The composite safety toe provides protection without the added weight of steel, while the waterproof membrane keeps feet dry in wet conditions. The boots are made of high-quality materials and are built to last, as well as providing comfort and support for long hours on the job. Waldman recommends these boots for any worker who needs a reliable and comfortable work boot, especially those who work in wet conditions or require safety features.


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  1. These boots are great , i wear them every day 8-10 hours in a wet environment . I use sno-seal on mine ,not a fan of mink oil and they have yet to let water in. These are also some of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn.

  2. I bought today… I went to fleet farm specifically to buy another pair of thorogood boots..I’ve bought two pair of the same.. brown and black, My black are beatup and got soaked with some sewage… I decided,, to toss those and go get another pair of the thorogood because I know they fit me great and are very comfortable…. but these timberland pro boondocks were right next to them… and for shits and giggles I tried them on… and then tried the thorogood and back and forth a couple times.. and I tell you what……. those timberlands felt so soothing, and soft and perfect… never had a pair of boots felt that good on my feet… I think they are kinda ugly…. but damm who cares.. I’m a plumber… comfort is my main concern….

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