“Unleash Your Work Potential with Timberland Pro Direct Attach Six Inch”

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The Timberland Pro Direct Attach Six Inch is a work boot designed for durability and comfort in rough, outdoor conditions. The boot features a waterproof leather upper and a seam-sealed construction to keep feet dry. The boot also has 200 grams of insulation to keep feet warm in colder temperatures. The direct attach construction of the sole provides durability and comfort, while the rubber outsole provides slip, oil, and abrasion resistance. The boot also features a removable, contoured insole for additional comfort and support. Overall, the Timberland Pro Direct Attach Six Inch is a sturdy and reliable work boot for those in need of a protective and comfortable shoe for tough outdoor work.


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  1. I like the Pro Direct Attach 6' Boots better than the Premium because it has a thicker sole and may last longer but seems to be clunkier when people wear them in Zappo shoe videos, even tho they're made as work boots but essentially most Timberland design are based on work boots but it has a more affordable cost compared to their other boots and if you want a nice pair of Timberlands, its better to buy brand new ones than go thru Shady sellers on ebay, they're getting hard to find and afford in the right size , just bought a pair from Zappos and wait to received soon.

  2. How are they for cold weather?

    I work in a cold storage warehouse and I think the lowest temperature is about 32 F. I know those boots are insulated so I was guessing how they feel in the cold.

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