Workin’ in Style: Timberland Pro & Cowboy Boot Reviews by Roger Waldmans

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Timberland Pro Work Boots: The Ultimate Multi-Functional Footwear for Tough Jobs

A Personal Journey of Discovering Timberland Pro Work Boots

Growing up, I never really thought of Timberlands as a work boot. Most people I knew had the more stylish versions, and I couldn't afford them. It wasn't until Sears was going out of business that I stumbled across another style of Timberland boot marked down on sale. To my surprise, these boots were actually part of Timberland's “Pro” line, designed specifically for commercial work.

After experiencing the impressive quality and durability of the Boondocks style, I finally decided to try Timberland's regular Pro work boots. Having worn these boots since May 17th, 2020, I can confidently say that they have not disappointed.

Why Choose Timberland Pro Work Boots?

Comfort and Durability

These boots have been extremely comfortable to wear throughout the workday, while also holding up well against various forms of wear and tear. In one year of daily use, they have handled everything from kicking logs to stump grinding and even light tree climbing – all without falling apart.

Easy Maintenance

Another major selling point of these boots is their ease of maintenance. After a long day at work, you can simply rinse them off with a hose, wipe them down, and they are good to go. Even from a distance, you can hardly tell they're scuffed up after cleaning.


For individuals who may be tight on cash and are looking for one boot that can do it all, Timberland Pro boots are a great option. Having spent around 150 USD, I found these boots to be excellent for both work and personal wear.

Appearance and Availability

The contemporary design and quality of the coating on these boots ensure that they remain visually appealing, even after extended use. Additionally, they are easily accessible through online retailers such as Amazon.

Comparing the New Timberland Pro Boots and the Old

After almost two years of wear, the difference between the brand-new Timberland Pro boots and the old ones is evident. The old boots have experienced some wear, which is to be expected after prolonged daily use.

However, these boots have held up remarkably well considering the amount of abuse they have endured. From working in hydraulic oil to spills of bar and chain oil, gas, and water exposure, the boots have proven to be resilient.

Recommendations for Timberland Pro Work Boots

Leather Conditioning

To keep the boots in their best condition, consider applying leather conditioner to the top every once in a while.

Choose the Right Color

These boots are offered in both black and brown colors, so consider your specific needs when making a purchase. If you work outdoors in the summer heat, you might find the brown boots to be a cooler option. Otherwise, the black boots may be more visually forgiving when it comes to scratches and scuffs.

Replace Insoles If Needed

Over time, the insoles of these boots may begin to wear out. Fortunately, you can easily replace them if necessary.

Final Thoughts on Timberland Pro Work Boots

In summary, Timberland Pro work boots are a fantastic investment for anyone in need of a versatile, durable, and comfortable boot. Whether you work in tree services or any other field that requires tough, reliable footwear, these boots are a top-notch choice. While there may be small improvements that could be made, such as a solid rubber heel instead of foam, the overall quality and value for the price are difficult to beat.

So, if you're in the market for a new pair of work boots, make sure to check out Timberland Pro. And as always, stay safe out there!

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