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these are the top four moc-toe boots from the 
mocktober finale where in that video i said any   one of these four boots could easily be considered 
the best moc-toe depending on what your needs   are and what you're planning on doing in the 
boots so in this video we're gonna quickly go   through all the layers and identify what they 
are and rank them on a few different scales   to give you the information that you need to make 
an informed decision on which moc-toe was going   to work best for you and the three scales we're 
going to be ranking each layer on is less durable   to more durable easy break-in to hard break-in 
and in a few layers we'll substitute that for   comfort and the last one is casual oriented to 
work oriented now let's quickly go over the boots   and the information and the price because price 
is an important metric when considering this boot   and all the information we go through should 
be put through that lens of price because some   of these boots are 25 percent less than the 
other boots so starting with the Red Wing   classic moc retails for $279 White's Perry moc-toe 
retails for $269 Thorogood's moc-toe for $205 and   Thursday's diplomat moc-toe boot for $199 so we're 
going to start at the bottom and work our way up   and so the first thing we're going to talk about 
is the outsole so I took this durometer tester   and tested the hardness of each of these outsoles 
so the higher the number the harder the material   is and the more wear resistant and the less 
comfortable it's going to be the lower the number   the more comfortable it's going to be but the more 
it's going to wear out so the results are the Red   Wings came in at 42 and it's rubber based the 
Whites came in at 38 it's polyurethane based the   Thorogood's came in at 45 and it's polyurethane 
based and the Thursdays came in at 42 just like   the Red Wings and it's rubber based another thing 
to consider is polyurethane base versus rubber has   a few different characteristics to consider 
polyurethane is a little more wear resistant   but it's a little more slippery when wet rubber 
is a little more grippy in water but it tends to   wear a little bit quicker next to the welt so 
the Red Wings have a regular leather welt the   Whites have a leather storm welt the Thorogood's 
have a synthetic storm welt and the Thursdays have   a regular leather welt most people prefer the 
leather well because it's a little more durable   and for dirt resistance and water resistance 
a lot of people prefer the storm welts like on   the Thorogood's and Whites next to the midsole so 
the Red Wings have a 2.5 millimeter rubber midsole   the whites have a 3.5 millimeter rubber midsole 
the thermal goods have a 2.5 millimeter rubber   midsole and the Thursdays are the only ones with 
the leather midsole and it's about 2.5 millimeters   and according to Trenton and Heath the leather 
midsoles are preferred for longevity because it   bonds better to whatever you're gluing it to 
but the rubber midsoles are a little bit more   water resistant next to the filling they're all 
cork filling and they're all relatively the same   amount so there's not a huge difference there next 
to the shanks so the Red Wings don't have a shank   the whites have a shank built into the outsole 
itself the Thorogood's have a fiberglass shank   and the Thursdays have a steel shank a shank 
really only matters with a wedge sole if you're   climbing on ladders and using shovels where you're 
hitting that part of the boot over and over so for   work you're gonna want something with a shank if 
you're just walking casually it doesn't matter   if there's a shank and if you're going through a 
lot of airports you might want a fiberglass shank   next to the insole so the Red Wings have a 
5 millimeter leather insole whites have a   3.5 millimeter leather insole Thorogood's have a 
two millimeter fiber board with a 2.5 millimeter   layer of poron foam on top and Thursdays have a 
2.5 millimeter fiber board with a layer of latex   foam and leather on top and the Thorogood's do 
have an insert that go on top and same with the   whites but I didn't really include it in there but 
it's something to consider so the fiber board in   the thorough goods and the Thursdays it breaks 
in a lot faster give you that footprint faster   but it's not as durable the leather is a lot more 
durable but it takes a lot longer to break in the   foam layers and inserts are going to give you that 
initial comfort while you're breaking the boots in   and the poron foam in the Thorogood's is is a 
higher quality foam it's going to last longer   it's not going to compress nearly as fast now 
to the counter material so the Red Wings are a   leather board which is is basically reconstituted 
leather fibers or kind of like a leather cardboard   the Whites are a hard cardboard counter the 
Thorogood's is kind of a fiberboard counter   and the Thursdays are a heat activated counter and 
none of these are necessarily a fragile counter   but the Thursdays and the Thorogood's are going to 
break in faster especially the Thursdays and their   Whites and the Red Wings are going to break in 
slower and they might be a little bit more durable   now to the counter covers so the Red Wings are a 
flesh out leather counter cover that's internal   the Whites are a leather counter cover that's 
external the Thorogood's are a flesh out leather   counter cover that's internal and the Thursdays 
they don't really have a counter cover but the   lining leather covers the counter most high-end 
work boots are going to have an external counter   cover like the white so it's probably the most 
durable and then next to the internal counter   covers with the Thorogood's and Red Wings and the 
least durable but the most casual is the Thursdays   without the dedicated counter cover next to the 
linings so the Red Wings have a 1.5 millimeter   leather liner just in the vamp the Whites have a 
1.2 millimeter suede leather just in the vamp the   Thorogood's are a cotton lining just in the vamp 
and the Thursdays are a full leather lining that's   1.2 millimeters so the leather linings are going 
to be more durable but they're less breathable   the cotton lining is going to be more breathable 
and less hot but it's maybe not as durable now   to maybe the most important layer the upper 
leather so the Red Wings are a 2.5 millimeter   chrome tanned leather that has a medium to firm 
temper and they're pretty tough to break in   the Whites are a 2.8 to 3 millimeter chrome tan 
leather that has a medium temper that are average   to break in the Thorogood's are a 2.5 millimeter 
chrome tan leather that are that's tumbled so   it's a really soft temper so there's almost no 
breaking period with the thorough goods and the   Thursdays are a 1.8 millimeter chrome tan leather 
and because it's thinner and it's a medium temper   it's pretty average to the easy side of breaking 
in generally the thicker the leather is the more   durable it's going to be and the more firm the 
leather is the harder it is to break in but you're   going to get a more custom fit and you're going to 
get a little bit more ankle support now that we've   been through all the layers of each of these boots 
let's tally up the scores on all those scales   and I'll give you an overview a summary of what I 
think of each boot starting with the Red Wings so   the Red Wings are the iconic moc-toe boot when 
people think of a moc-toe they think of the Red   Wings and they they have the best overall 
materials with the thickest leather insole   a leather board counter a good thickness of 
leather on the upper and the best lining leather   but they are the most expensive and they're a huge 
pain to break in which i don't really mind I kind   of like it as a rite of passage to have to break 
these boots into your feet next is the Whites to   me the Whites balance the best of both worlds of 
casual and work and durability and comfort because   they've got that super thick leather upper that's 
fairly easy to break in and it's really durable   they've got a leather midsole it's not quite as 
hard to break in as the Red Wings it's a little   bit thinner you've got that steel shank in the 
outsole and you've got an outsole it's going to   last fairly long and it's pretty durable but it's 
not a style that everyone is going to love because   it's got that pacific northwest boot style with 
the heavy stitching the external counter cover   and all like the four layers stitching through 
here it's not quite as clean as the Red Wings   the Thorogood's are the best dedicated work boot 
if you're looking for a moc-toe predominantly to   work in the thorough goods are probably the 
best choice because they're the best price   little to no break in period they've got 
the longest lasting outsole they're the most   comfortable to begin with and probably through 
the lifetime of the boot and they're the easiest   to put on and take off at the end of the day but 
they have the most man-made material so they have   the the chance to fail sooner and you might not 
be able to get quite as many resource out of these   as the rest of the boots finally to the Thursdays 
so the Thursdays are probably the best casual boot   because they're a really great price you can wear 
with a lot more things because they don't look as   much like a work boot because the the slimmer toe 
profile but they're definitely not a work boot and   if you did wear these in a work situation they'd 
probably wear out a lot faster and they're maybe   the least durable out of the four so to sum it 
all up if you're looking for the iconic moc-toe   get the Red Wings if you're looking for a really 
good hybrid boot get the Whites if you're looking   for a dedicated work boot get the Thorogood's and 
if you're looking for a casual boot for a good   price get the Thursdays so that pretty much covers 
everything I could ever cover with the moc-toe   series and now it's time to wear these over the 
next year for the next moc-tober and let me know   what you guys think and which one you ended up 
choosing and thanks for everything you guys do  see ya

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