I Spent $2400 On Red Wings So You Don’t Have To – (Sizing Guide) – DON’T LOOK LIKE A CLOWN! 🤡

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We're starting october a little early. I
bought eight pairs of the red wing moc toes
to finally figure out the sizing and to help you guys not look like you're
wearing clown shoes. And thanks to dollar shave club for
sponsoring this video. So tomorrow is the white sneaker finale where we'll go
through all the results, choose a winner for the series and
do some other categories like best value, best construction, best looking, stuff
like that. Also talk about what I would do if and
when I were to make the ultimate sneaker. And so if there's anything you want me
to cover specifically in that video I'll pin a comment to the top of this video
where you guys can comment on that comment
of what you want me to cover in it. So i wasn't actually planning on doing this
video and this kind of all happened by
accident, because for the first episode of the Moctober series on
Saturday or Sunday, I bought two pairs of red wing moc toes,
one in a size 10 and a half, which is my usual size for boots and shoes,
and one in a size 10.

But when I got them They were both
way too big and then I was just like "This has got to be happening to tons of
people. It's got to be a common problem." So i'm just going to buy all the sizes
and do a video on how I found the right size and kind of
help get you guys in the right ballpark. And initially I thought I was only gonna
buy five boots but i just kept going down and down and down.
So i ended up buying eight sizes with the regular width
and the extra wide width, the double E width.

And fortunately I bought these all
from Amazon and they all have free returns, So I'll
be returning most of these when this video is done.
And so I'll put a link in the description for the listing for these. So
why is it so important to get the right size of red wings? Well the problem is
most people who buy these boots buy the exact
same size that they buy in every other shoe or boot that they own, but
red wings are notorious for running large, so you end up with a boot that's
too big for you. And the problem with that is not only is
it a little more uncomfortable to have a larger boot
but it moves the pivot point of where your toes are flexing
farther back into the boot and that causes the front of the boot to look
longer and also causes it to kind of flex upward. It makes it kind of look like a
boat with it all flexed up like that.

And that's the main reason why when you
see people wearing these out in public they look like they're wearing clown
shoes. So to make this video as universal as possible
and as quantifiable as possible, instead of going off of shoe size
where the size can vary from company to company or brand to brand
i got one of these bannock devices.

And so this will give me an exact
measurement of where my foot's at. And I'll show you
some footage of my foot in it. And I also got
a few of my friends who are around this shoe size to
measure their foot and choose which shoe fits them best. Now let's quickly talk
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So thanks to dollar shave club for sponsoring this video. So now let's kind
of go through each one of me and my friends, and what
size we registered on the brannock device, and
which size we all chose. So I measured on the device at 10 length
and a C width so, pretty narrow. And I ended up
going with the 9 double E's as you can see here. If you- if
you've got a narrow foot you might be fine just going with the D
but i just really hate having my toes squished in
the end of my shoes. It drives me nuts. Um, So I went with the EE
and i'm really happy with them. I've been wearing them for a couple weeks and
breaking them in just to make sure that the sizing didn't change once the
shoes were broken in. Next is Garrett. He came in at a 10.5
with the E width. He ended up liking the 9.5 EE and said the 10 D was just a little bit too tight for him.
But he's also got a little bit wider of a foot than average.
Next up is Shmoxd.

So Schmoxd is a 9.5 and a D
width and he like the 8.5 EE or the 9D. And then finally Jay,
he was kind of the outlier. He measured a 10.5
and a D width and he liked the 9 EE or the 9.5 D. But he also told me he likes to have a little bit
tighter toe box and he kind of likes having that feel of his foot not
slipping around. So that's what he ended up choosing. So
based off of those results, if you've got an
average size foot go a full size down and get the double EE width
or half a size down and get the regular width.

And then if you've got a really
wide foot I would just go half a size down and get the EE
width, and you'll probably be happy, because these do run surprisingly narrow.
One thing to keep in mind is that the EE widths, they do have
a little bit taller of a toe box and they are a little bit wider
obviously. So it has just a little bit different
look to it. It's really really subtle and most people wouldn't notice it
but some people might care about that.

And also keep in mind that
we measured it off of this, and this is different than most people's shoe size,
So use this wherever you can, or put your heel against the wall and take
a measurement of your foot. And and I'll put a little graph up here
of what these convert to inches and centimeters or millimeters.
And honestly the best option would be to go to a Red Wing store
and just try on the different sizes and pick it out that way, but that's not an
option for everybody. So I would just suggest
buying them from a place like Amazon where you can return them, see how it
looks, see how it feels. If you don't like it return it, but I think most people are
going to be happy with that. And if this is something you guys are interested in
me doing in the future with other popular boots, I'm happy to do it.
But these will be the first boot in the Moctober series on,
probably, Saturday.

I'm shooting for Saturday. If I don't get it Saturday
it'll be Sunday. Thanks for watching. Thanks for
everything you guys do and consider subscribing because it's just one little
teeny click. Youtube doesn't show you what you subscribe to anyway, and that
little teeny click makes a huge difference for me. So thank
you guys for everything. White sneaker finale tomorrow. I gotta film
it. It's gonna be crazy. I'm almost- I'm almost out of this like filming

So thank you guys. See ya..

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