Red Wing Shoes: For Work That Moves The World

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(upbeat guitar music) – [Narrator] Every day
safety professionals show up with one goal. Make sure their crew is safe today and wants to come back tomorrow. – It's not we say… – [Narrator] Keeping
workers safe on the job takes insight and tenacity, the vision to see what could go wrong and make it right, and the determination to fight
for safety at every turn. That means looking ahead to
ensure work site full of hazards never becomes a cautionary tip. It also requires enlisting every worker in the mission of safety, and equipping them with
the training, mindset and gear they need to protect
them from the unexpected. But safety doesn't just prevent accidents, it makes it possible for us
all to move boldly forward, because safety is not
just for the workers, it's for the families and
communities that depend on them. The work of the trades makes
the world we live in possible. But none of it happens without safety and those who make it a reality. Here's to the safety professionals that fight to keep workers safe, to help keep our world
moving and growing every day. For work that moves the world.

(upbeat music continues).

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