Red Wing wedge Iron Ranger 8088 boots break in report after 2 weeks!

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welcome. this is update video on iron rangers 
on wedge soles in amber harness leather. so,   I started working on these boots like 10 days 
ago and we have first creases that has generated   in first day. as you can see they are not the same 
while one boot is across the boot the other one is   completely on angle. what i could say 
– the leather is fine, the tongues   are softer now but this tongue for some 
reason is much tougher than other one.   and the soles feels great. i like the soles the 
most! the boot started to take shape, but this   heel counter is very tough and I 
have pain in my heel, also i have   pain under the tongue here because it's very 
tough and when i try to lace the boot more,   just a little bit more to prevent heel slippage 
it pains right here, where this huge tongue   actually bites me. other than that boots 
are comfortable and i like them so i'll   continue wearing them and we'll send you update 
video next time when it will be one month old.

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