Streething x Red Wing Shoes: Custom Motorcycles with Faizal Reza

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My name is Faizal Reza I Run this shop called Gimme Shelter Service Chop I am intrigued by the original Hell's Angels from the 60s, so the bikes that I design are meant to look like they're from that era. So what they did was take the original bike, strip it down and the unnecessary things get thrown out from the bike and yeah, it's a simple bike. I like simplicity and minimalism. Before I opened this shop, I was working in advertising full time, so I worked on bikes at night. Originally I only worked on my own bike, but then people started seeing it around, and a friend of mine said "Hey Faizal, I just bought a Harley, can you customise it and make it similar to your bike?" I said "I can do it similar but not exactly the same, because every bike has it's own unique style and every owner should have their own personal distinct look, because the point of having a custom bike is to get away from the standard where every bike looks the same".

So yeah, he was fine with that, as long as I made it as if it was my own bike, and I think that's the coolest thing to happen you know, for someone to ask me to design their bike as if it were my own bike. I ride to work daily, I don't like to drive, so i'm on motorcycles day-in-day-out and I guess it just makes sense for me to wear a pair boots and jeans when riding as opposed to a pair of slipper and shorts. You wouldn't want to fall off your bike in that kind of attire..

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