Premium vs Basic Timberland Boots: A Breakdown

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The video “Premium Timbs VS Basic Timberland Boots (CUT IN HALF)” shows a comparison between two pairs of Timberland boots. One is a premium version, and the other is a basic version. The video starts with two pairs of boots, one being the premium version, which has a higher price point, and the other being the basic version, which is less expensive. The person who is conducting the comparison takes a saw and cuts the two pairs of boots in half.

The video then proceeds to show the differences between the two versions. The premium version has more layers and better quality materials, whereas the basic version has fewer layers and lower quality materials. The premium version has top grain leather material, a waterproof membrane, and additional insulation for warmth, whereas the basic version has only one layer of leather and no additional insulation.

The video then follows up with a demonstration of how the premium version of Timberland boots holds up against water, which is a common issue with cheaper versions. The premium version was able to withstand water for a longer period of time than the basic version, which started to soak through after just a few minutes.

Overall, the video's purpose is to showcase the differences between the two versions of Timberland boots, and it demonstrates that the premium version is built to last longer and provide better functionality than the basic version. Therefore, the premium version would be a better investment for someone who needs a pair of boots that can withstand harsh conditions and provide better comfort and functionality.


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  1. The shank inside the boot brings back memories. I used to get locked up a lot when I was younger.. normally just 72 hour detention center stays, bond and release. They would always take my shoe laces, belt, hoodie/jacket strings but I'd be sitting in the holding cell thinking like wow these people don't know there's literally a shank in my boot🤣🤣🤣🤣not so fun times.

  2. Salve e complimenti per il video molto interessante. Mi chiedo se la struttura è solo la basic boots o tutti gli altri modelli boot esempio heritage inch boot capsolate. Grazie per qualsiasi risposta.

  3. I like em both but they’re not work handwork at all they’re for casual wear if anything I wore some once doing construction and that was the last time

  4. I've had a good few pair over the years but the 1s I got in 1992 ish are the best slim tapered toe compared to the rounded ugly boot of today I still have them soles all worn but still amazing and comfy you really can't beat tackety old boots 😀

  5. I wish these brands (converse, doc martens, timberland, etc.) would just ditch the cheaper models. It ruins their brand image imo and gives people a bad taste in their mouths about the brand. I don’t think a brand that was known for making good products should cheapify things just to keep price down. If you don’t want to pay the money for the better product, don’t buy the name brand. Just my take.

  6. I had a premium pair, the heals are the worst part. Wore to a real bad angle within a year. Used them for 3 years till they were done. Got a new pair recently and yes super comfy but the soles are wearing already to an angle. Direct from the timberland shop local to me. If they improved the sole they’d be amazing boots

  7. Are all the Timberland boots on eBay counterfeits? I looked at about 20 used work boots under $60, and to my eye, every single one of them looked fishy. Wrong stitching, incorrect labels, weird model numbers, etc.

  8. I have looked and it does not appear you have ever done Zamberlan boots. I have a pair of the "Sella" boots and they seem better made than many of the boots you have tested but I could be wrong.. Thanks

  9. I’ve been wearing Timbs since the 90s I’m from westchester NY. I have At least 8 pairs and I must say the quality of timberlands have gone way down since they started to use recycled material which makes me sad

  10. I know nobody cares but I wear boots out in about 8 months for most production boots. Good ones last a little over a year. Don't waste your money on these boots if your actually going to work. These are as bad as any Walmart boots and will jack your feet all up

  11. I have a pair of the regular ones and have been wearing them for about a year. Mainly in super snowy -20/-35°C degree weather. I havent had any issue with them at all. Theyre still in great shape. The only problem I have is that my feet can get pretty cold in them but thats to be expected. Pretty sure theyre not made for extreme cold. But they sure keep my feet dry. Havent had any problem with that. I read the reviews on timberlands website of the premiums before I made up my mind on wether or not to buy them. I gotta say I absolutely love the green ones and the red ones. But almost everybody was complaining about them in the reviews so I decided to pass up on them. Apparently their quality went way downhill.

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