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hey guys Grant with nick's handmade boots 
today we're talking about kilt cheese often people see our boots and they ask what 
the is that frizzly floppy tassely pointy jaggy   floppy piece of leather the false tongue or the 
kilty is a functional piece of leather that is   designed to protect the softer gusset material 
which is often called the tongue that's why   we call this the false tongue it's not the real 
tongue it's the fake tongue it's the false tongue   it's functional and it protects the softer 
interior material kilties have been on our boots   forever they're classic for logging style boots 
or lager style boots the idea here is when you're   out in the woods and you're tromping through 
the forest and sticks are poking onto your boot   that you have an extra layer of protection 
it's much harder for a stick to puncture   this material than it is to puncture this material 
not only are they functional but they look good   a lot of people can accessorize their boots so to 
speak by putting a different colored false tongue   you might see some pretty traditional cowboy 
packer boots that have pretty fancy ones so it's   a very easy and inexpensive way to even create a 
two-tone look or accessorize your boot so to speak   a couple things about false tongues they 
don't go all the way to the top of the boot   because you don't need to protect all the way 
to the top of your boot most people wear pants   when they're out there working and so your 
pant leg is what protects most of the gusset   also they lace into the boot so if you don't like 
them you can take them out they're not built into   the boot many people ask hey i love your boots 
but i don't like that frilly tassely thing   we say no problem you don't have to put it in 
what's also great is you can buy these kilties   or false tongues directly from our website 
you can put them in other boots the leather   that we're gonna give you is really high grain 
material and you can put it in your other boots   additionally if you wear them out 
if they start getting a little bit   crusty like this one you can just pull it out and 
put a fresh layer of protection back in your boot   another functional benefit of 
the kilty is because it's a   extra layer of protection not just from sticks 
it also makes the lacing a bit more comfortable   if you're lacing tight right over this area just 
over this three to four ounce gusset material   you're gonna feel that when you lace with the 
kilty in there it's gonna distribute that tension   a little bit better and it's gonna make the boot 
a bit more comfortable overall because some people   weren't very comfortable with the tassels or 
the frill of the standard lager false tongue   for our heritage line we decided to take the kilty 
concept and just cut those off and create a more   cleaner looking maybe more acceptable appearance 
for people that aren't used to a more western or   lager style look so the casual false tongue was 
born now if your boot ships with one of these   you can actually just lay a cup or a semi-circle 
there and you can just cut it right off with a   razor blade to make it look like this but we do 
sell these on our website as well and if you see   this classic nyx casual tongue shape anywhere else 
you know it's a knock off the casual false tongue   and the lager false tongue as you can see here 
they're a little bit different but functionally   they're exactly the same if you're curious how to 
lace the kilties in the boot check out this video   up here where we talk about how to lace your 
boots at nyx we sell three primary styles of   false tongues we've got the packer that looks 
like this the lager which is the most common   and then the casual or the heritage false tongues 
check them out on our website we're going to link   below you can buy pretty much any style in any 
color and for those of you that are concerned   that your kilty doesn't come to the top of your 
boot we do sell a full length kilty keep in mind   if your boot is eight inches or six inches 
you're gonna have to cut the top of this off   this is designed to sit fairly flush with the top 
of a 10 inch boot one thing to keep an eye out for   is the classic nyx logger kilty has one two three 
four five six points if you see other boots on the   market that look just like this they're knockoffs 
similarly if you see this gorgeously rounded   dress false tongue we call it out there 
on the market and it's not on a mixed boot   it's a knock off if you're looking for kilties to 
both protect your boots or hey to accessorize your   boots a little bit we're going to link the product 
down below in the description we're also going to   be offering 10 off a kilty bundle for a limited 
time so if you wear kilties in your boots and   your gosh darn proud of it go ahead and give us a 
like and subscribe and we'll catch you on the next   you

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