“Sturdy and Comfortable: Timberland Pro Pit Boss Boots Review”

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The Timberland Pro Pit Boss is a sturdy and reliable work boot designed for tough working conditions. Made with high-quality leather and durable rubber soles, these boots can withstand long hours on harsh terrain. The Pro Pit Boss also features a steel toe cap for added protection, as well as a slip-resistant outsole that provides a stable footing on a variety of surfaces. The boots are also comfortable and supportive, with a padded collar and removable insole that can accommodate custom orthotics. One potential downside is the weight of the boots, which may feel heavy to some wearers. However, overall the Timberland Pro Pit Boss is a solid choice for those in need of a reliable and tough work boot.


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  1. I love my timberland pit boss steel toe boots. I work in the shipping department at a printing company full time and I drive a fork lift. I also work for a company that sells construction material part time in a warehouse driving a fork lift and those boots take a licking and keep on ticken. Just like my die hard boots that are not steel till.

  2. Does the counter of these tear up anyone else's heels? I've gotten massive blisters every time I wear them. A shame cause they're good boots otherwise

  3. Thanks, great review and woods background. Considering getting this boot as one that I rotate. Work heavy package handling and trucking. Quality footwear is primary and crucial. Thanks again.

  4. I've had the pitboss for 6 years now and they're finally starting to fall apart too much inside the boot itself. Besides that I did notice one of the boots would squeek a lot which I heard was an issue with them. Currently looking for a different pair of boots that have a similar look

  5. Those were some great work boots. I wore them out after 3 years. Had the same issue with the sole coming off. Thanks for the review. Also had issue with the black padding around the ankle flaking off. Otherwise a work horse at a great price

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