“Timberland PRO Linden 6″ Alloy Toe Boots: A Boot Guy Review for 1150A214 Style”

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Introducing the Timberland Pro Linden 6

Today, we're discussing the Timberland Pro Linden 6, a lightweight and comfortable safety toe work boot. Timberland has made significant strides in producing this boot, mainly due to the materials they have used in creating it.

Benefits of the Timberland Pro Linden 6

The boot has several attractive features:


Alloy toe

– The Linden 6 has an alloy toe, which contributes to its lightweight nature.


Lightweight sole

– Timberland uses a freeze-proof PU sole for this boot, resulting in a remarkably light sole with a lot of air injected into it. This creates a bouncy feel that makes the boot highly comfortable.


No heavy materials

– Despite popular belief, it isn't the toe protection that adds significant weight to safety boots. Instead, it's the materials used in the making of the sole, leather, and other components that make all the difference. Timberland excels in this area.


Anti-fatigue technology

– The Linden 6 has built-in anti-fatigue technology, with every step resulting in a bounce-back, resulting in less overall fatigue throughout the day. This is accomplished by using the lightweight, bouncy outsole and sandwiching it with a softer PU material in the heel and forefoot. The anti-fatigue insole further adds to the comfort level.


Thick insole

– One of the unique features of Timberland boots is their thick insoles. Unlike other brands that have to remove some internal components of the boot to fit a thicker insole, Timberland builds their boots around the insole, allowing for a perfect fit.


High-quality hardware

– Timberland uses sturdy hardware, including well-finished eyelets and speed laces, ensuring durability and ease of use.

Waterproof Concerns

One downside to the Linden 6 is that it is not marked as waterproof. The materials and build quality might suggest otherwise, but officially, the boot does not have a waterproof label. However, this should not deter anyone looking for a lightweight safety shoe, as the boot's other features still make it a valuable option.

Fitting the Timberland Pro Linden 6

When it comes to fitting the Linden 6, it is essential to try it on and get a feel for how it sits on your foot. Starting with your regular boot size is a good idea, as the fit of the Linden 6 is relatively standard. However, keep in mind that the widths may not feel as wide as expected. It's crucial to not let this deter you from trying the boot, as its comfort and safety features make it well worth considering.


In summary, the Timberland Pro Linden 6 is an excellent option for those seeking a lightweight safety toe work boot. Its innovative materials, comfortable design, and high-quality construction make it a worthy contender in the market. Don't forget to share your experiences with Timberland boots in the comments below, and if you have any questions about the brand, feel free to reach out!

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  1. Great boot. Very comfortable. Only draw back is going up extremely steep angles the the edge of the composite toe will pinch base of me toes when pushing off.

  2. Hey Boot guy, just start working as a stand up fork lift driver. I’m stand 7.5 hours 5 days a week plus I have flat feet. I struggle each day, what’s a good light weight steel, comp, alloy toe boot? My budget is $150. Thanks!

  3. TheBootGuy how do these compare to the Timberland Pro Helix. The Helix was light and comfortable. I also got a year out of them but barley. Anyway I think I have been looking for something that compares to the Helix more than anything. I actually prefer an oxford but thats more for weight than anything else. I am always looking for light, comfortable work boots.

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