Timberland Pro Series 85516: In-Depth Review & Amazon Update

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Timberland Pro 6 Inch Steel Toe Work Boots with External Met Guard: In-Depth Review and Impressions

There are many work boots available on the market, but few manage to combine style, durability, and safety as effectively as the Timberland Pro 6-inch steel toe boots with external met guard. In this article, I will provide an in-depth review and impressions of this particular model, drawing from my personal experience and discussing why it is a reliable choice for anyone in need of high-quality footwear for their workplace.

First Impressions

Upon first receiving the boots, my initial impression was that they were somewhat heavier than the exterior met guard boots I was used to, but I was confident that my body would quickly adapt to the change. What truly drew me to these boots was their appearance and the presence of the external met guard, a requirement for my occupation. The met guard extends from the toe all the way up to the ankle, providing substantive protection and coverage.

High-Quality Materials and Durability

The boots are made of genuine leather and boast high resistance to abrasions, scratching, heat, slipping, and oil, making them ideal for work in tough conditions. When I tested the scratch-proof feature by manually attempting to scratch the boots, I found that they remained unblemished. Furthermore, comparing the boots to other models I've owned in the past, it was clear that their construction was of superior quality.

Comfort and Support

The Timberland Pro boots were true to size and very comfortable from the moment I first put them on. They were more than adequate in terms of ankle support, thanks in part to the boot's interior padding and a hard, sturdy exterior that extends upwards to provide extra stability. This same rigidity was not present in my previous pair of boots, making the Timberland Pro boots a noticeable improvement in this aspect.

Thoughts After a Month of Use

Now that I've worn the boots for about a month, I'm able to provide a more comprehensive assessment of their overall performance. Although there are some visible scratches and markings, they have held up very well considering the amount of wear and tear they've endured during this time. The boots have remained comfortable throughout the past month, with only occasional slight rubbing noises emerging when I walk. However, this minor issue does not detract from the otherwise excellent build quality and comfort of the boots.

Compliance with Canadian Safety Standards

For those working in Canada, it may be necessary for their work boots to have specific safety stickers in order to be approved and reimbursed by their employer. Initially, I was concerned that because the Timberland Pro boots did not have these stickers, I would not be eligible for reimbursement. However, after discussing the boots' various safety features with my superiors and providing them with the relevant product information, I obtained approval and reimbursement. Thus, those in Canada seeking to purchase these boots should be aware that despite the lack of safety stickers, they do indeed meet all necessary Canadian safety standards.


In summation, the Timberland Pro 6-inch steel toe work boots with external met guard are a top-tier choice for anyone in need of durable, comfortable, and safe footwear for their workplace. After using these boots for an extended period of time, I can confidently say that their overall build quality is exceptional and they are well worth the investment. I highly recommend these boots to anyone in the market for high-quality work footwear, and in the future, I'm even interested in trying out the 8-inch version for increased sturdiness and support.

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