“Timberland Pro: The Ultimate Work Boot for Treelife Enthusiasts!”

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The Timberland Pro work boot is considered the best in the market, without a doubt. These boots provide support for your feet all day long and come in a variety of styles to choose from. Timberland Pro work boots are designed to protect your feet and help you stay comfortable during the toughest work conditions. Whether you are a construction worker, logger or firefighter, you can rely on the Timberland Pro work boots to do their job. Also, these boots feature an anti-fatigue technology that provides superior comfort to your feet, especially if you have to spend long hours standing on hard surfaces. Owing to their superior quality and performance, these work boots have become a favourite among workers worldwide. So, if you want to protect your feet when working, then choose Timberland Pro work boots, and experience the difference.


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  1. I've worn Carolina boots for the last 10 years. The sole doesn't last on them and my feet hurt too.
    Bought some of these Timberlands and I'm very pleased with them after 2 weeks doing road work. Feet feel great.

  2. I work in the oilfield on a workover rig and I buy the tim pro rigmasters. They are hands down the best for that environment, I can't believe the abuse they take.

  3. They call these boots Timberland pro Ballast. Steal toe, electrical hazard protection, all whether, odor control, with anti fatigue according to the pamphlet here.

  4. Company just bought me a pair Timberland pro steal toe work boots which surprise me because I thought I was going to get a cheap pair. Look forward to trying them out

  5. Anyone in the comments know how good these are for driving with air brakes? (Delivery guy in need of shoes that won’t come apart after a few months)

  6. Great choice. I also just bought these same ones. I work in the aviation industry and I also have 2 other Red Wing pair of work boots, hoping to rotate all 3 so they last longer.

  7. Absolutely the best work boot on the market. 10x better then my even more expensive redwings. Timberland pro boondocks are the most comfortable, most durable, completely waterproof boot on the market.
    I’m a builder, framing custom waterfront homes on cape cod. Freezing temps, lots of snow and rain and we work outside all year , everyday. Great traction on icy ground and roofs, walking joists, and toe kicking stock.
    I always get at least 2 years out of them.

  8. I am on my third pair . I get 2 -2.5 years out of a pair. Heavy industrial use. I add a thin arch support in mine . Works great for me. I get 6-12 months out of cheap boots and always have to buy expensive insoles. I think the extra cost of these boots is worth the happy feet at the end of a 12 hour day.

  9. As you get older gravity starts to pull you down more and more that actually causes your feet to flatten out and change shape. That's why you now have to wear a size 11

  10. I used to be a wolverines guy but decided to give tim pros a try. Best decision I ever made! I get about a year almost two years to each pair. I'm on my third pair. I had planter fascitis real bad in my feet and these boots helped cure it.

  11. Been a Steamfitter for 20 years and absolutely love these boots. Strayed once and instantly regretted it. I usually get a year to year and a half out of these which I think is pretty good for what I put them through. I'm from Wisconsin and we have a shoe store here named Rogan's and they have a buy one get one 1/2 off on going special so I only pay full price every other pair. Definitely agree you need to add extra water proofing to these and if they get wet throw them on a boot dryer. Great video!

  12. I've been wearing the timberland pro barstow wedge boots every day for the last year. Brake in was about 2 months, but now they're so comfortable. I usually don't take them off until I go to bed. They've worn well, and get me through 14 to 17 hour shifts at work. I was hesitant as well when I bought them due to their stigma, but truth be told. They're a great work boot.

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