“Unleashing the All-Black Timberland PRO: Is it Worth $150?”

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In this video, the host unboxes a pair of Black Timberland PRO work boots worth $150. The boots are made of premium leather and are designed for manual labor and hard work. The host examines the details of the boots, such as the steel toe, slip-resistant sole, and waterproofing. After trying them on, the host gives his opinion on whether they are worth the price. Overall, the host is impressed with the quality and durability of the boots and believes they are worth the investment for anyone who is serious about their work.


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  1. great boots but for me runs small am size 12M so in those boots size 13M fits perfect do not know why because the timberlands endurance for example size12M fits perfectly and very comfortable

  2. Great video. Just was able to watch today 1-12-20. So glad you bought yourself a great, safe (steel toe🤗) boot. Timberland is a great name in shoes; has been around since 1973. I do love the original suede in mustard color with black trim, but I do believe, seeing these in your video, that I prefer this all-over black. As you said, black goes with everything. Very interested to know how the “anti-fatigue” feature helped your weary feet and legs hold out for “x” hours. So, please maybe post in a couple months. Get some “real time”usage, then repost. You are getting so professional in your production of videos, more comfortable, where you relax and enjoy telling the public if your purchases. That really comes through. Timberland should sponsor you! Boo on them for no stickers or flair😕. I did appreciate the orange box🤗🧡. Keep making these great videos😁

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