“Walk confidently in the Timberland Pro Boondock Work Boot”

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The Timberland Pro Boondock Work Boot is a reliable work boot that promises to provide both safety and comfort. These boots are made with a waterproof membrane and a composite safety toe that meets safety standards. The outsole of the boot is slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant which provides good traction and grip.

The boots have a composite safety toe and this means that your toes will be protected from heavy objects falling on them as well as from electrical hazards. The boots also have anti-fatigue technology in the insoles which means that your feet will not get tired even after standing or walking for long hours.

The boots are made with premium waterproof leather which keeps your feet dry in wet conditions. The membrane also ensures that air flows freely in and out of the boots, and this keeps your feet feeling fresh and cool.

The Timberland Pro Boondock Work Boot is highly durable and can withstand tough work conditions. The boots are well constructed and are made with quality materials that will last a long time. The boots also come with a 30-day comfort guarantee, which means that you can try them out and return them if you are not satisfied with their performance.

One downside of these boots is that they are heavy, which makes them unsuitable for people who are involved in jobs that require a lot of physical activity. Moreover, the boots are quite stiff, and it takes some time to break them in.

In summary, the Timberland Pro Boondock Work Boot is a reliable and comfortable work boot that is ideal for people who work in tough conditions. The boots are durable, waterproof, and are made with quality materials. Although they are heavy and stiff, they provide excellent protection for your feet and can prevent accidents from happening.


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  1. I bought a set of these. Made in Vietnam by child labor. They must cost under 2 bucks to actually make. Never. Again. I will absolutely never buy timberland anything. Ever again.

  2. I’m a builder, framing custom homes on the cape , harsh winters outside. These are the most comfortable and toughest boot on the market

  3. Nice vid, I JUST ordered Timberland Pro from Amazon. I’m a truck driver, my boots are on 18+ hrs a day. So I want quality and comfort. My employer will GIVE me a FREE pair of boots every year…. BUT, they are poor quality, ripping after 4 months, laces broke to. Once they’re broken in, they’re ready to trash.

  4. Had them for a couple months now.
    First off, they are fuckin huge… like an old school scuba diver. They are comfortable but again, not at all agile because one again… they are fuckin huge. I bought the 600g thinsulate specifically for working during the coldest days in winter. The boots are incredibly warm, probably because they are fuckin huge. I build custom homes year round and im happy to wear these on frigid days but that's the only time they are worth wearing

  5. I own the high lace boondocks and the low cuts like you got. Both are super heavy after 12 hrs a day of being on your feet. Recently switched to the Bosshogs and now feel i can run 100 miles in these Hogs. Check em out.

  6. Nice review.
    Pretty accurate.
    Judging from.the drywall dust, I'm gonna say ya.work inside. I bought them for outside winter work. I found them warm. But bulky. I was walking a ton and they weren't overly heavy but just bulky – I was in tight spaces and climbing and crawling. The price is hard to get past. But I needed composite – and the options are few.

  7. Great video. I got a pair of them today. I was going to get the wolverine durashocks. I put the durashocks on and it was comfortable but I went over and grabbed the boondocks and i just had to put the durashocks back. I kept the boondocks on. They look like they are not comfortable until you put them on and walk in them. They feel like walking on a cloud. I am with you on these. I would most definitely keep buying the boondocks. I haven't worked in them yet but will give another review after I wear them for around 13 to 14 hours. I am confident that after working long hours, my feet won't hurt at all. Thanks for this video.

  8. Timberland customer service is horrible. Buyer beware. I owned a pair of Timberland Pro Gorge safety toe work shoes that fell apart after 6 months. One shoe had a speed loop break and the other shoe had serious stitch separation on top of the shoe. I sent the pair back to Timberland customer service and they refused to address the defect and instead send them back writing they looked too old. I'll NEVER BUY A TIMBERLAND PRODUCT AGAIN.

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