What a MISTAKE! The 5 Boots I Regret Buying

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of the dozens and dozens of boots that i've 
bought throughout the years there are some i   wish i hadn't welcome i'm Carl Murawski and 
this is the channel that helps you own less   and own better first up are these paul evans 
double monk strap dress boots and honestly these   really count more as like a dress shoe than an 
actual boot but there were a few issues that came   out right off the bat the first one was they wore 
way quicker than any other shoe or boot that i   had at the time now these were the most expensive 
boots that i had bought to that pier that point it   was like 475 bucks and my alden cap toes were way 
outlasting these things they just they just seemed   to deteriorate every time i wore them so that was 
the first part and the second part was some of the   imagery that paul evans was using they were they 
were showing these awesome like patina paint job   boots and shoes that looked stunning you know even 
in some of their collaborations that they have   done with other makers i know they did one with 
articles of style and stuff they look great but   the ones that i got were way different and even 
the images on the website showed these incredible   like painted awesome looking boots the ones that 
i got were kind of mundane i mean there was a   little bit of that but not very much definitely 
not even close to the level that they showed on   their website or social media so i was pretty 
disappointed when i got them and to be honest   with you i just don't wear them that much anymore 
number one i think it's pretty dated style you   know the whole double monk thing was really in 
a while back but uh these just have found their   place at the back of my closet sometimes 
i'll take them out and look at them and go   yep that was 475 bucks down the drain just not 
worth it would not recommend and definitely   wouldn't buy again now number two is the duke 
chelsea boot from thursday boots i bought this   boot originally you know it was a while back in 
my channel you could actually go and watch the   original review and i was really happy with them 
i wore them quite a bit they were very comfortable   but then something started to happen after like 
about a year or so they started to just go flat   and i felt like i was literally standing 
on the pavement there was no real support   uh the poron or whatever they used for that insole 
had collapsed so it was just solid and honestly   they're just very uncomfortable to wear unless 
i was sitting down for most of the day which is   like never the case so you know originally and for 
the first year i love these boots they were great   and you know honestly now i don't even think 
they're very good looking boots number one i   don't like the kind of squared elastic section 
that they have i'm not a fan of two-tone leather   anyway um there was probably just a bit of like 
excitement when i bought them and i didn't want to   admit that you know maybe they were kind of ugly 
but a lot of people love them and actually when i   sat down and talked to connor one of the founders 
of thursday boots he did tell me that they're   constantly refining their boots so the duke 
that you buy right now is not the same duke   boot that i bought so hopefully they've improved 
they've gotten better i know that they have taken   a lot of feedback from people especially on their 
jackets and refined their product to to make a   better overall product and i can't fault them 
for that i actually give them a lot of credit so   it's cool you know i spent 200 bucks on them 
it seems like thursday boots and arizona iced   tea are the only things that just don't seem to 
be changing their prices in these crazy times   so i give them a lot of respect for that uh 
but that being said there's still a boot that   i wish i had never bought number three the wool 
rich yankee boot now this was a boot that i had   bought at the time i saw an article on dappered 
and i was like man those look pretty good and the   price was right they were on sale and i think they 
were like 250 bucks and you know to be honest with   you they're not a bad looking boot but the problem 
was that when i wore them when i first put them on   they were a bit tight a little narrow is what 
i should say and i kind of didn't think at the   time anything of it i was sort of a novice at the 
whole boot thing i figured they would stretch and   eventually it would be fine well they stretched 
all right and that problem was is that they   were narrow and my foot is an e-width so i found 
that i was actually kind of standing on the welt   that's how bad they fit and that was very very 
uncomfortable you know especially like i said   i mean i spend a lot of time on my feet so i'm 
when i'm walking around or standing or whatever   i could definitely feel that enough so that i 
was like i i gotta get rid of these and i gotta   get something else and actually that was when 
i started to look in knicks boots so it was my   own mistake the boot itself really isn't all that 
bad they just didn't offer in a lot of widths and   uh to this day i don't think they even offer that 
boot anymore but if you could find it on ebay or   grailed or something like that just know that they 
sort of run a little bit narrow other than that i   think they're a pretty cool looking boot number 
for my doc martin 1460s i bought these boots   these are the made in england versions i bought 
these boots when i was gonna do the history of   the doc martin boot and i did that a few years 
ago and i was thinking that i would sort of have   the boot of my high school years which i loved i 
mean i wore them all the time you know as a metal   head and kind of like you know i was in in bands 
and stuff like that that was kind of like our   default uniform right it was jeans uh 1460 or 
taller doc martens and like a band t-shirt and   that was kind of what we were you know so 
i thought that i'd be recapturing my youth   in a way with those great boots that i remembered 
and they're not bad okay especially the made in   england ones they're definitely not bad as far 
as compared to the main line but i gotta tell you   uh they're just too squishy they're sneaker-like 
and that's the whole idea is like you know doc   martens began as an orthotic like they would make 
like you know orthopedic shoes for people so they   carried over that airware sole which is very 
comfortable very squishy a lot of a lot of give   there but they're almost too squishy there's no 
real support so when you look at that heel counter   and just the overall structure of the boot it's 
really you kind of swim in them when you walk   you know you can feel it flexing around your 
foot it's not a comfortable feeling over time   for sure if you're gonna put them on and 
kind of loaf around or hang out or whatever   that's okay but i gotta tell you i just don't 
wear them anymore uh they're not bad looking the   qc on these wasn't really too bad so uh you know 
i wish i could say that i wear them more but you   know what 16 year old me is gonna have to remain 
in the past i just don't wear these doc martens   and i kind of wish i didn't buy them finally and 
it pains me to admit this the john lofgren devil's   causeway engineer boots they're beautiful they are 
absolutely gorgeous made out of some great leather   made in the way all john lofgren stuff is which 
is very very very nice i just can't wear them   i i could put them on but it takes me 20 minutes 
to get these things on and another 20 minutes to   get them off and i just don't have that kind of 
time and most of the time you know in the morning   you're putting on what you're going to wear for 
the day often times in the morning i just don't   have the the giddy up to go sit there and struggle 
with this boot now i have done it maybe a couple   dozen times but i got to tell you like not enough 
to justify the cost these were thirteen hundred   dollars and i have a high instep you wanna come 
up what and i have a high end step which means the   top part of your foot and that makes my foot sort 
of tall right so getting that taller foot down   that narrower shaft is just a recipe for disaster 
now i've tried and have to use the plastic bag   trick um which is you know it basically helps 
your foot slide into these boots and you sort of   rip them off to get them out i don't want to do 
that every single time especially especially for   1300 boots and to be fair i really guess just i 
didn't know what i was getting into at the time   uh and it pains me to say because they're 
beautifully made when they're on they fit   just fine but you know that whole getting them 
on and taking them off process if i had known   that in the beginning i wouldn't have bought 
these boots and now they sit there and they   kind of mock me in the corner 1300 worth of 
boot looking back at me and going hey you know   why don't you wear me more and i just i can't do 
it now i actually have reviewed all these boots   i took down my paul evans review because i 
actually did that before they really started   deteriorating that was a lesson learned 
way way early on in the channel which was   you know what you've got to put some time into 
your boots and learn about the product before   you do a review because i did them after maybe a 
week or two of owning them and wearing them around   and uh they hadn't really shown their true colors 
so besides the paul evan there are reviews of all   these boots and you can see those in a playlist 
that i've made for you right here now that's my   casual boot playlist and inside there you'll find 
all kinds of boots many of which i still own and   i'm very happy with unfortunately the five on this 
list they just don't make the cut and actually   soon in the future i'm gonna get rid of all but 
five pair of casual boots i just i'm becoming   inundated with boots and and they're almost taking 
over my life so i think it might be a fun thing to   do and i'll make sure i document it with you to go 
through the five boots that i'm gonna keep now the   rest i'm gonna give to friends and family and put 
up on ebay or grailed or offer them to my patreon   or something like that um please don't email me 
or message me asking about a specific pair because   i i don't wanna get into that right now i will 
be able to you know offer them up but uh anyway   that'll be a time that you know in the 
future we'll we'll go through that together   anyway guys thank you so much for watching 
appreciate it and i'll catch you next time

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