Red Wing Boots 3561

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red wing boots 3561

Red Wing 3561 boots offer both durability and comfort – they will become an investment that lasts.

Red Wing Heritage footwear is hand crafted to last and develops its own distinctive leather patina as it wears over time. They're an affordable way to get an authentic American-made boot that will serve you for decades to come!


These work boots feature oiled leather uppers that do a fantastic job of repelling moisture, while their triple stitched seams and Goodyear welt construction will hold up against even the toughest working environments. With eye-catching details such as brass eyelets and contrast stitching adding character, they come complete with vintage charm!

Charles Beckman was a successful merchant who would spend much of his time travelling around Red Wing, Minnesota searching for shoes with strong ground gripping properties that still looked good enough to wear to work. Thus the Beckman Collection takes its name.

Red Wing's Featherstone leather provides this work boot with stiff yet thick cushioning to protect and comfort every step. Additionally, their trademark step-propel insole adds additional support as you walk.

These work boots scored an excellent five in durability due to their goodyear welt construction and harder outsole that can handle uneven terrain. You'll also appreciate that they come equipped with waterproof membrane lining that keeps feet dry during rain or snowstorms.

Steel Toe

Red Wing Boots 3561 are perfect if you need something sturdy enough to withstand tough conditions on the jobsite, thanks to their durable water-repellant premium leather construction, heavy-duty Goodyear Welt construction, and ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75 safety toes for added protection and stability in hazardous working environments.

These boots will fit snugly upon delivery, yet gradually loosen as you wear them – becoming comfortable enough for long walks in no time. Their leather will form around your feet over time to create an exceptional, tailored fit that only you will know exists!

Charles Beckman, founder of Red Wing Footwear, had a vision to develop hardworking footwear designed specifically for industries like farming and mining. It became his mission to design hard-wearing, durable footwear while ensuring all-day comfort and stability.

Puncture Resistant

Red Wing boots 3561 is an excellent option for anyone who requires puncture resistant work boots with premium heavy duty full grain leather construction and welt stitching for all-day durability. Suitable for all environments.

Steel toe shoes provide significant relief from underfoot pressure for long hours on hard, flat surfaces, while the built-in insole provides additional stability and support. A dual density urethane sole offers unparalleled comfort while being tested against chemicals and abrasion.

One feature that makes these shoes an excellent choice for workers is the rubber outsole, which helps prevent punctures while offering excellent slip resistance. This feature can especially come in handy on oil rigs where hazardous gases or chemicals could present risks to feet.

Red Wing's oiled leather is water, stain, and perspiration-resistant as well as easy to maintain, providing classic looks while withstanding adverse weather conditions and maintaining durability.

Electric Hazard Resistant

Electricity is an invaluable resource that we all rely on, yet its misuse can result in serious injuries or fatalities. Working in live electrical environments such as public transport vehicles maintenance stations; railways; city buses etc requires having electrical hazard rated safety shoes and boots available as extra protection against electrical hazards.

Red Wing Boots 3561 are an excellent example of electric hazard proof footwear that are also extremely comfortable to wear, featuring Red Wing waterproofing technology and CosmoComfort insulation to ensure dryness, safety, and warmth in any condition.

These shoes feature triple stitched toe and heel overlays to add an additional layer of protection for vulnerable parts of your foot, an intelligent design feature which should not be missing from any shoe.

Red Wing Shoes 3561 are an excellent way for any worker looking to step into cutting-edge safety technology and protection. Though more costly upfront, these durable work boots will provide years of reliable service.

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