What is Red Wing Boots Warranty?

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what is red wing boots warranty

Red Wing shoes and boots are made with high-grade leathers and components to provide long-term wearability, but like any investment of this magnitude they need to be properly cared for to remain looking their best. For optimal performance they must be kept clean and polished regularly so they remain looking their best.

Warranty period

What is the Warranty Period for Red Wing Boots? A pair of Red Wing boots comes with a one year limited warranty, giving you time to return it if it breaks within this timeframe.

Red Wing shoes and boots come with an extended comfort guarantee, as well as the additional warranty period offered here. In addition, Red Wing also offers a repair service whereby customers can ship their boots back to the factory in Red Wing, USA to have them repaired by their expert team.

Red Wing differs from its competitors by using internal leather sources for their boots, giving them greater quality control and ultimately contributing to durability and an excellent reputation for quality. This factor plays a critical role in their boots lasting long as well as in upholding that reputation.


Red Wing Boots takes great strides to protect the investment you have made with them – offering both a no-haggle warranty and money back guarantee for maximum protection.

Their quality control team and use of top materials make them a smart investment for your feet.

One of the best features of their shoes is how easy they are to take care of, even for casual consumers. No more cracked heels or broken insoles!

Red Wing Boots company boasts an outstanding product lineup and take great pride in having earned the trust of working men and women around the country. If you're in need of work boots, don't hesitate to give Red Wing boots a try – you won't be sorry that you did, plus expect lower costs than at big box stores!


Red Wing boots and shoes are built to outlive you – with proper care they can continue looking their best for years. Crafted with premium leathers and top quality components, Red Wing footwear are built to outlive us all; but for optimal performance it is wise to clean, condition, and protect them regularly to extend their longevity.

Oil tanned leather Red Wings are especially popular because they're naturally water and stain-resistant right out of the box, but it's still important to give them regular attention for optimal performance. Products like Mink Oil and Leather Conditioner can help close pores in leather so water cannot penetrate as easily, while providing additional protection from marks or dirt accumulation.

Once your boots have been thoroughly cleaned and conditioned, Red Wing Leather Protector should be applied as the last step to keep them looking their best for longer. Not only will you protect them against dirt and moisture damage but this product may even help create a beautiful patina on their surfaces!


Red Wing boots warranties provide you with peace of mind that your new work boots will stand the test of time. Should they ever break down, simply return them for either a refund or exchange at Red Wing's facility.

Red Wing's customers appreciate how Red Wing offers unique benefits like complimentary oiling services after the warranty has passed, and low-cost repairs. It shows just how much the company cares for them!

Red Wing products have earned themselves an impeccable reputation, yet many of them are actually manufactured outside the USA.

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