Which Red Wing Boots Can Be Resoled?

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which red wing boots can be resoled

Red Wing Boots have long been known for their quality craftsmanship and commitment to comfort and quality since 1905 when the brand first started up. Today, their boots can still be found among industry leaders due to this dedication.

As with any pair of shoes, it's wise to inspect them regularly for signs of wear and tear. Here are some key areas where damage may appear.

The 3140 Work Chukka

If you're in search of boots that combine both comfort and function, the 3140 Work Chukka may be an ideal option. First manufactured in the 1950s and still reliable today, these sturdy polyurethane soled boots provide maximum wear-resistance over many years of use.

Chukkas with smooth leather soles make an excellent choice for formal occasions; for a more relaxed vibe, suede may be more appropriate.

One way to elevate the look of chukkas is by pairing them with a linen suit, which adds texture and pairs nicely with suede footwear.

Leather and linen combine to give any look an additional depth that's essential to an ensemble's success. Pair this combination with an autumn-themed plaid coat or go for an edgier Harrington jacket for added impact.

The 101 Postman Oxford

This shoe was initially created to meet postal service requirements, making it sturdy, sleek and simplistic for America's mailmen. Crafted with black Chaparral leather upper and resting on a black cushion crepe wedge outsole for maximum comfort during long walks.

Red Wing footwear has earned itself a formidable reputation for producing work boots and shoes designed to endure even the harshest environments for years to come, while remaining fashionable enough for both work environments as well as casual settings. They have even expanded into producing stylish designs suitable for either work wear or casual use.

The Weekender line-up by this brand exemplifies their attempts at striking a balance between fashionable pieces that remain suitable for work environments and pieces with more casual aesthetics, like their Heritage line-up. However, Weekenders don't feature as robust of designs compared to formal shoes in terms of functionality and appearance.

The 877 Hunting Boot

Hunters looking for the ultimate hunting boot should consider investing in an 877. It has become an iconic piece of American history, graced by famous names such as Jack Nicolson and David Beckham.

The 877 is an extra tall hunting boot designed specifically to assist trudge through marshes and rugged terrain, offering tremendous stability over uneven ground.

Today, the Red Wing Heritage 877 boot stands as one of its most renowned models. First introduced as a hunting boot in 1952, its comfort and durability quickly made it popular on job sites worldwide.

Today, the 877 continues to be produced in Red Wing, Minnesota with the same dedication to craftsmanship and high-grade materials that helped it become legendary. Features like its Traction Tred rubber outsole, Puritan triple stitching and Goodyear Welt construction ensure it will stand the rigors of everyday use.

The 900 Work Boot

Red Wing boots have earned themselves an unrivalled reputation as being durable work boots – and for good reason. Their signature lug sole and Traction Tred non-marking outsole provide exceptional grip, stability, and traction.

But if you plan to wear Red Wing 900 Work Boots over time, resoling them may become necessary to prolong their use and provide key areas like heel support with extra stability and support. A new resole may extend their life and add stability for key areas like heel and ball of foot support.

Doing it yourself is relatively straightforward. Simply remove and deconstruct your boots before replacing the welting with new leather welting.

Cleaning and conditioning the leather will also be necessary, depending on its type. Different leather types require specific cloths or brushes for care instructions that come with their boot prior to beginning any cleaning or conditioning procedures.

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