THE LAST OF ITS KIND | RED WING Heritage Men’s 6-Inch Classic Round Toe Boot

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hey folks my name is milo tash if you're new 
here i make videos that take me outdoors and   i can talk your ear off about high caliber gear 
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we're gonna be talking about boots   and specifically a boot that has rocked my 
socks for the last four years let's get into it this is the red wing heritage men's six inch 
classic round toe boot this boot has been on   nearly all of my adventures in the last four years 
and hasn't left my side or feet in all that time   its soles have been repaired twice 
it was conditioned by monthly   and had a lot of miles put on them both worn 
on the trail and on hard stone and wood floors   it should be noted that i'm on my feet all 
day anywhere from 10 to 14 hours and i'm the   type of person who wears their boots spring 
summer fall and winter no matter the weather   a little background on red wing the company was 
originally founded in 1905 in red wing as in red   wing minnesota the company was created with the 
intent to supply workers in industries like mining   farming and logging with durable comfortable 
footwear we've seen red wing grow steadily in   popularity in mainstream fashion in more recent 
years and this was largely in part due to a   strategic collaboration with j crew in 2007 to 
form the heritage lifestyle line which took the   high american craftsmanship that red wing was 
known for and modernized the look and feel for   a new demographic of wearers it's the heritage 
line that you'll see popular folks like jake   gyllenhaal winona ryder tan france sporting why 
am i crazy about this boot and why was i until   very recently still wearing something this busted 
up two reasons one i have zero arch in my feet   this means that i need to wear a custom made 
orthotic from a podiatrist that's hardened plastic   designed to provide my feet with the arch they 
so desperately crave i basically need that 24   7 or the entire alignment of my knees to my 
shoulders gets messed up in the worst way possible   very few shoes fit that insole this boot does 
additionally the insole needs a hard sole to sit   on top of none of that all bird no sock airsoft 
cloud walker bs a firm sole means my insole can do   its work correctly and my feet won't roll inwards 
if you have flat feet truly give red wing a try   number two red wing was the first company 
i found and still one of the few that makes   gender neutral inclusive sizing or used to more 
on that on a moment okay so we're here today to   showcase what i believe to be the last of its 
kind a brand new men's size 6 red wing heritage   6-inch classic round toe boot it's 
a mouthful this puppy was discovered   on ebay and was advertised as unworn though i 
did see a little bit of wear at the back heel   i've owned both the mock toe and the round toe 
and much prefer the feel of the round the solid   rounded construction on the toe is easier on the 
feet when you're breaking it in there's less seams   to literally rub you the wrong way and it's more 
streamlined and less boat-like plus there's less   opportunity for water to sneak in on those wet 
days the halfway up your ankle construction is   great for your socks to peek out if you want 
to cuff them or roll that pant leg long and   your boot will slip under the cuff no problem 
the traction tread outer sole is so comfortable   much easier to break in than the vibrams though 
i will say that they wear out much quicker too   you'll see a chief complaint about red wing is 
the break-in time and that's no joke my first   pair of iron rangers from red wing took me a solid 
year before i willingly grabbed them out of the   closet to wear without wincing with the traction 
treads being easier to break in but faster to wear   out red wing has a stellar repair process which 
i've used numerous times there's an all-a-cart   option or you can go the premium repair package 
route for 140 bucks they operate their very own   repair shop in their manufacturing facility in 
red wing minnesota which is where you'll ship   your shoes after printing out their repair pdf 
hand write on what you'd like done to your boots   slip in a check and take out your insoles and 
laces and off they go to redwing to get their   welting replaced have their hooks repaired get 
a new sole or receive a full reconditioning   they'll even send you back a full bottle of 
conditioner to keep them up in between repairs   because i live an hour away from red wing 
minnesota i get my back in about two days   so why did i have to get this boot on ebay 
somewhere after 2009 red wings cease making   their boot designs in all sizes each shoe was 
originally made from size fives to 14s give or   take and weren't originally gendered these days 
the shoes are separated into men's and women's   sizes with size caps and you'll notice design 
differences between the men's and women's cuts   take for example the women's classic mocto 
has a higher heel or the women's iron ranger   has wider more stylistic stitching and more 
delicate features in the neck of the boot   i wear a men's size 6 and could wear women's 8 
but the more feminine spin on the women's styles   don't appeal to my style and a higher heel 
would mess with how i fit into my orthotics   men's sizing caps at size seven for the most 
part oddly enough red wing keeps teasing me   online with a seemingly random drop of assorted 
one-off men's boots being offered in a size six   but usually in not as popular colors and not as 
popular styles i recently wrote into red wing   inquiring if there was any rhyme or reason to 
it and can totally follow up here if i hear back   and lastly the men's classic roundtoe lineup 
was discontinued and replaced with the rover   series back in 2017.

you can still find it 
in the women's styles and a few lingering   colors at the time of this video but again the 
heel is just higher than what i want it to be   it kills me that i had to purchase this boot 
somewhere other than redwing i want to support   a minnesota-based company and not have to pay 80 
for shipping on ebay for a boot that originally   was made in this state just for it to come 
back home to the state from god knows where   so to end this video dear red wing please 
make your style size inclusive again your   boots are the cornerstone of my wardrobe and a 
quintessential piece of gear that gets me through   my day one step at a time from one minnesotan to 
another i'd appreciate the absolute heck out of it.

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