Timberland Pro Boondock 6″ – Chasing The Best Work Footwear

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  1. My only complaint about the boot is the laces that are garbage, I can’t complain about the weight because I’m used to Chippewa super loggers and beyond lol. But I can say? They are really fucking comfortable. I cannot yet a test for the durability as I pretty much just got them, but? I have heard nothing but good things about them

  2. I like these boots and have owned probably 4 pairs of them over last 4-5 years, I work in civil construction, rain, shine, mud, water. These boots are very comfortable, as ive been repeat user. But I have had a very similar problem with last three pairs of boots. The logo on the outside ankle area always separates, leaving a big gaping hole in side of boot. This usually starts to occur after just a handful of months of wear. Wish this design was changed because this problem alone makes me want to try a different boot. As to why I'm here watching YouTube video reviews lol

  3. I work on wind turbines and bought a pair of Boondocks about 6 months ago and they have been great. I had the same Thorogoods and only wore them for a few months because they absolutely hurt my feet after a few hours every day, even just working in the shop that I just started wearing my older Danners again until I finally replaced them with the Boondocks.

  4. Great upper. Soles are crap. They break down in about a year. I had mine re-soled with real Vibram lug soles and they last a long time. Too bad an expensive boot like these comes with such a crappy bottom.

  5. I have a pair of these, the insulated version. I’ve worn them for 3 years, no issues. The most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. The insulated ones were too warm, so I just bought the uninsulated version. These are excellent boots. Comfort is without parallel. I hope the non-insulated version is as good as the insulated one. These boots are probably as good as it gets. They are heavy, but they are almost indestructible. I hope the uninsulated version is good as the insulated one. After three years they basically look the same. Daily use. If you’re looking to buy these just get them. You won’t be disappointed. If your feet run hard maybe try the uninsulated ones.

  6. Nice vid, I JUST ordered Timberland Pro from Amazon. I’m a truck driver, my boots are on 18+ hrs a day. So I want quality and comfort. My employer will GIVE me a FREE pair of boots every year…. BUT, they are poor quality, ripping after 4 months, laces broke to. Once they’re broken in, they’re ready to trash.

  7. I like them so far. A month in, and they are really comfortable. A bit clunky at times, but I had a career change, and needed tougher boots. I was wearing Caterpillar Threshold boots in an assembly shop before this, which were much lighter, but also I really great pair of work boots that lasted me 2 years worn daily. They only started to suck in the last month when the threads started to go.

  8. This is the best pair of boots I've ever worn. I work asphalt during the summer and my feet stay cool. And I work snow removal during the winter and my feet stay warm. Not even the calcium effects them very much. One thing I do different is I wear a thinner sock if not a dress socks. It also comes in a 8 inch and a winter version with 400 grams of extra insulation.

  9. I had the pair of boots these replaced and I wore them for close to 7 years, they discontinued them before I could get a second pair. I'll definitely grab a pair of these

  10. Question for you, please. What size do you normally wear and what size did you buy? I want to order these online but unsure of the fitment! Thank you in advance!!! Also, how have these held up since this video?

  11. I purchased the exact boot and used them to work at a asphalt hot plant , they took a shit load of abuse, such as hot oil and asphalt, that reached temperatures of 300 degrees, these boots lasted 3 years 21 days, I have worn the tread out so bad, the tread was causing me to walk off to the side, so it was time to replace them, my new boots are on the way and Will be here tomorrow.. I paid 165 at Amazon BTW… This boot is a investment for your feet.

  12. Do a review on the KEEN Philadelphia 8"!!!!
    They look very durable for heavy duty work but I wonder what the comfort level is. I love my boondocks, Very comfortable! just wish they would last longer. I'm in the brick/stone mason trade.

  13. I have this one and let me tell you that are the Best boot ever. After 5 year heavy use I bought a second ones. The first one has a sole problem and Im interested in repair it…. Do You know where can I Buy a sole pair?… The boot body is 100% new and only the sole was damage… Please ley me know

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