Timberland PRO Hypercharge 6″: Ultimate Waterproof Safety Toe Boots (SKU:9442196)

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Experience Exceptional Comfort and Safety with Waterproof Leather Work Boots

When it comes to safety work boots, choosing the perfect pair that offers comfort, durability, and protection can be quite a challenge. After all, we spend hours on end in our work boots, and so it is only fair that we get the best quality that caters to all our needs. With the waterproof leather work boots featuring a composite toe, you can expect a comfortable experience and protection throughout your work day. Crafted with a textile inner lining and anti-fatigue technology insoles, these boots will not only keep you safe but also ensure that your feet stay comfortable.

Waterproof Leather Keeps Your Feet Dry and Protected

The waterproof leather upper in these work boots ensures your feet stay dry no matter the weather conditions. Being waterproof doesn't just mean protection from rain and puddles; it also helps protect your feet and boots from damage resulting from spills of various liquids you may encounter at the workplace. Such incidents can result in stains, odors, and even cause the leather to crack if not properly cared for. The waterproof leather adds a layer of protection, ensuring the longevity of your boots and keeping your feet in the best condition possible.

Composite Toe for Enhanced Safety

Foot injuries are quite common in workplaces, and that is why it is vital to prioritize safety while selecting your work boots. The composite toe ensures that your toes remain protected from various workplace hazards such as falling objects, sharp tools or materials, and compression injuries. Composite toe caps are lighter than steel toe caps and offer protection without the additional weight, making a comfortable experience for those who wear them for long hours each day.

Odor-resistant Textile Inner Lining with Comfortable Collar Cushioning

The textile inner lining in these work boots provides a soft interior, which enhances comfort as you go about your day. The lining has been designed to be odor-resistant, which is an invaluable feature considering the long days spent in work boots. This helps maintain a fresh interior environment for your feet.

To add to the comfort, the boots come with collar cushioning, ensuring that the area around your ankles remains well-protected and comfortable. This cushioning helps prevent chafing and blisters, and it provides needed support to the ankle and heel area, keeping you securely in place while you work.

Removable Insoles with Anti-fatigue Technology for All-day Comfort

These work boots are designed to cater to the needs of people who spend long hours on their feet. The removable insoles come equipped with anti-fatigue technology to ensure maximum comfort. This technology works by providing shock absorption, so your feet do not suffer the full impact of your body weight and the various pressures exerted on them during your workday. The anti-fatigue insoles help distribute this pressure evenly across your feet, preventing painful pressure points and reducing strain on your feet.

Lace-up Closure for a Custom and Secure Fit

Offering both style and function, the lace-up closure in these boots helps provide a custom and secure fit. The lace-up design allows you to adjust the tightness of your boots according to your preference and comfort needs. A well-fitted work boot ensures that your feet are properly supported and protected.

Added Midsole Height and Reliable Slip and Oil Resistant Outsole

The midsole in these work boots gives you an added boost of height. Not only does it provide extra cushioning and support, but it also ensures better insulation from the ground, especially in colder environments. A thicker midsole means added durability too, as it can handle more wear and tear.

Safety is crucial in any work environment, and the slip and oil resistant outsole in these waterproof leather work boots deliver just that. This outsole provides reliable grip and traction on various surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls at work. An oil-resistant outsole also means that you have added protection against chemical spills that might cause damage to your boots or pose hazards at your workplace.


These waterproof leather work boots with composite toe checks off all the boxes when it comes to safety, comfort, and durability. The odor-resistant textile lining, removable insoles with anti-fatigue technology, and the slip and oil resistant outsole ensure that your feet remain comfortable, safe, and well-supported throughout your long work days. With these boots, you can focus better on your responsibilities, knowing that your feet are well taken care of.

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