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red wing boots elk grove

Red Wing Boots is a chain retailer that offers an authentic selection of handcrafted leather boots for work and recreation. Their footwear ranges in size from men's to women's sizes with some styles featuring steel safety toes for extra protection when working or playing outdoors. Furthermore, some shoes are static-dissipative to help shield users from electrically charged objects.

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About Us

Red Wing Shoes is a family-owned company established in 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota. We strive to produce shoes and boots of superior quality with an emphasis on craftsmanship that sets us apart from other brands.

Our roots in American craft and heritage run deep. For generations, we've used traditional construction methods and timeless design to craft footwear with pride for quality that endures.

Red Wing pioneered pegged-and-nailed construction in 1905, but we also utilize welt construction to strengthen the bond between upper and sole. This technology helps enhance fit and comfort for our customers.

Our work boots feature a welt, as well as being Goodyear welted for durability and long wear. Plus, they're insulated to keep your feet warm in cold weather conditions – an essential feature when working outside.

The leather on the 875 is of higher quality, thicker and tougher construction that will look better with age. While not as soft as Irish Setter boots, it breaks in quickly.

The Wingshooter ST is also waterproof, though more advanced than the 875. The synthetic membrane they use for waterproofing resembles GoreTex and ensures water doesn't seep through seams or pores in leather.


At Foot Locker, we offer a wide range of shoes to meet all needs and tastes – from walking boots and safety boots to hunting boots and casual boot styles. No matter what you need or want, you're sure to find something that meets both your requirements and aesthetic.

Choose from an array of colors and leathers, as well as metal finishes like silver, copper, nickel or chrome. Additionally, we carry some high-tech options for those working in hot climates.

The Wingshooter ST features an HRO sole that's designed to withstand temperatures of at least 475 degrees Fahrenheit. This industry standard ensures the rubber used in manufacturing the outsole is dense enough to resist extreme heat without melting or wearing out quickly.

Aside from its impressive looks, the Wingshooter's rubber outsole is also incredibly comfortable – especially for those who work outdoors in all weather conditions. Additionally, it's one of the most economical ways to get a work boot that's both durable and comfortable at an affordable price point.

The best part is that this product is proudly American-made, having been since 1905. You can find it at outdoor big box stores, farm and ranch retailers, branded footwear stores, and other specialty shops around the country – making it a popular option for hardworking folks who value quality products made in America.

Work Boots

Red wing boots elk Grove offers a comprehensive selection of work boots for men, including steel-toed work shoes as well as hiking boots that look more like work boots than hiking sneakers. Their boots come in an array of colors and leather types such as full grain to roughout. You can find these boots both in stores and online at Outdoor Big Box, Farm & Ranch, Branded and other retailers.

Red Wing and Irish Setter both make excellent work boots, but there are a few key distinctions that could help you decide which is better suited to your needs. The primary factor to consider when making your choice is the style of boot you require.

For example, Red Wing Heritage boots feature a more fashionable moc toe than Irish Setter Wingshooter ST's. Furthermore, these shoes are of higher quality and will age better over time, plus they require less break-in time for optimal comfort.

The only major downside to the Irish Setter Wingshooter ST is that it lacks a hardened safety toe, which may be an important consideration if you work in environments where heavy objects could easily fall on your feet.

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