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(00:00) [Music] are you looking for the best work boots for standing in this video we will look at some of the best work boots for standing on the market before we get started with our video we have included links in the description so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number one thorogood 814 mokto boot thorogood is one of the leading and most trusted brands in the footwear industry all of their products are made in the usa these might not have the many innovative features of the timberland
(00:43) and wolverine boots but there's no doubt about the finest quality materials and the supreme craftsmanship and expertise that go into their making a lot of engineering goes behind the construction of these boots the upper is tobacco gladiator leather that is oiled and for a polished and enduring finish the unique polyurethane max wear outsoles ensure you have a firm footing while standing on hard surfaces the best kind of goodyear welt bonding attaches the two segments together promising that the shoes won't come
(01:15) apart in any condition the boots don't have steel toes but the astm rated motors feature sd box reinforcement the outsoles perform exceptionally well in resisting slip and oil besides these are rated for electrical hazards too made of genuine tobacco gladiator leather at number two wolverine w02421 raider boot it might be surprising to see another wolverine entry to the top three positions but the w02421 raider boots have their own unique features to grab this place the only reason this model couldn't beat the overman ntw
(01:54) pf is its slightly heavier construction otherwise the two lines hardly have any difference the full grain leather upper and man-made soles definitely scream quality and your feet will thank you at the end of the day just wear them for a few hours on the job and all the features will start to make sense the rubble lug outsole is attached to the upper with contour weld construction giving flexibility and endurance to the entire structure the boots have unique comfort features although these may take a few hours to
(02:26) break in the high quality leather and the padded collar and tongue provide enhanced coziness the drill x lining prevents the forming of moisture and keeps the feet dry and fresh in the workplace both the insole and outsole feature the multi-shocks technology that not only cushions your feet but also absorbs shock as well as returns energy with every step at number three timbaland protoboot nothing can beat timberland footwear if considering the number of unique comfort and safety features however what keeps it behind the top
(02:58) three entries is the cement construction you can still wear these shoes for long hours but the comfortability will not be on par with the best three models the pro titan boots truly stand out from the rest because of their support features these offer a solid fit with a minimal break in time it comes with a power fit comfort system that provides the best movement support with economically designed critical zones the pro titan is not as durable as the top three products but you can still count on it for the quality of the lever and the use
(03:31) of timbaland pro rubber in the outsoles the grommets are metal and the stitching seems solid without any visible loose ends the only concern is the bonding that may give up with too much exposure to water the feature vibram fire and ice gives relief in freezing temperatures the outsoles are heat and abrasion resistant and provide excellent traction on slippery and oily surfaces at number four ever work boots good quality work boots cost money and not everyone can afford a name brand on the other hand you have to be in great discomfort
(04:06) should you not wear the right type of shoes everboots finds a middle ground by bringing footwear with decent features but at an affordable price range the ultra dry waterproof boots are one of these the level of comfortability is decent if not superb comparing to the high-end competitors despite not being genuine and taking some time to break in the leather feels smooth on the skin the thickly padded tongue and collar further add to that warm relaxing feeling and provide a soft sealing on the ankle the sturdy material and cement bonding
(04:40) ensure a great ceiling the boots are waterproof and ever boots backs this claim with a 30-day money-back guarantee however you still have to be careful considering the glued attachment and the quality of the materials used should you want them to last at least a year the rubber soles bend nicely so that your feet feel no pressure while contacting the ground these also provide a good traction on the oily and slippery terrain at number five ever boot stir work boots the tank soft toe boots from everboots is a relief for those men who have to
(05:15) stand all day long but don't have enough budget to spend on a pair of high quality shoes you have to pay less than 50 for each bear but the quality will still be decent the ever boots footwear is made to survive harsh conditions and one of the most durable work boots the tank model is not an exception the leather is not original but you won't find much difference unless you are an expert the rubber sole is thick and has enough tread to last for a year the construction is good ear welt guaranteeing that the bottoms won't come
(05:47) apart after a few months of abuse the upper leather offers the soft feel of a premium material the padded collar and tongue reinforce that feeling and ensure a snug fit around the ankle when purchasing remember that the sizing runs a half size bigger than other renowned brands otherwise the shoes have a great fitting and you can customize it with the lace-up system except for the slip resistant quality of the rubber outsoles these boots don't have any notable extra feature you



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