What’s The Best Chukka Boot? – (4 Things You Need To Know)

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If you're looking to buy a pair of chukkas this
should be the ultimate guide to everything you   need to know about chukkas and we're going
to talk about the four most important things   to know before buying a pair this chukka boot
series has been by far the least popular series   I've ever done but I found it really interesting
and more importantly I really wanted to do this   series because I love how simple chukka boots are
I wanted to take the finer aspects of chukka boot   simple construction and apply it to the sneaker
I'm working on it's not going to be a chukka   sneaker by any means but I really like how simple
they are and I want to do that with a sneaker   so if you don't want to miss the release and
you want early access to that sneaker be sure to   get on the limited edition email list below now
let's go over the boots that were in the series   and talk about the biggest pro the biggest con
and the purpose of the boot just a 10 second   highlight of each so let's start with the amazon
chukka biggest pro it's under 50 bucks biggest con   it's almost all synthetic there's nothing of any
premium material in this and this is only a boot   for people who are on a very strict budget that
wants something brand new looking but I would   recommend spending your money on a nice used
pair and stay away from those at all cost   the Jim greens big bang for your buck but they
lack in the aesthetic department they're not   a great looking boot but the purpose of them is
more of a casual uh chukka or even a work chukka   and you want that wider toe box to give you a
little bit of wiggle room next to the Clark so   the biggest pro is that simplicity and squishy
comfort the cons are it's just not very durable   and it's not supportive in really any way and
this is a good boot for just a casual wear it's   not quite as casual and work oriented as the Jim
greens it's not quite as dressy as the Thursdays   it lies somewhere in between kind of a dress
casual to casual wear but you couldn't pull it   off with the suit and tie next to the Thursday so
the Thursdays are the best looking in my opinion   they're a really versatile boot the con is there's
a surprising amount of man-made and synthetic   materials on the inside so this is a really good
boot for any occasion that you want to look sharp   in you know it's not super casual like some of
these but it's also not uh specifically made for a   suit and tie it's a it's a nice well-rounded sharp
looking boot next to the fifth and final boot of   the series the grand stone so this is the biggest
pro is it's the highest quality the biggest con is   it's the highest price and this boot is a good
all-around boot that you can wear semi-casually   it's a little bit dressier for straight casual
wear but you can also wear it with a nice suit   and tie and it has the soft squishiness of the
Clark's outsole but all the premium materials   that grant stone is known for that should give you
the lay of the land for this series and this video   if you want to watch each of these videos I'll
link them below now let's go over the sponsor this   video carl friedrik so you've probably seen carl
friedrik on the channel before they've sponsored   a fair amount of videos and I've I cut apart
one of their the Palissy briefcase that's the   smaller version of this and I'm a big fan of their
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we're going to look at the Palissy 25 hour   leather briefcase see how wide it is it's made
from an Italian veg tan it's a vachetta leather so   it's got a really clean even finish you can still
but you can still see how like the pores and it's   you can tell it's leather and because it's veg tan
it really ages beautifully and it has a little bit   of that rigidity and all these are handmade in
Tuscany Italy by family owned leather working   factory and you can personalize it which is
really nice for gifts or for yourself I guess self   gifts and it comes with a lifetime warranty and a
100-day trial just to make sure that the money you   spend is on the product that you actually want and
I don't make any extra money if you guys decide   to buy these but I really appreciate it when you
guys support the sponsors that are supporting my   channel that make all the fun videos possible
so check them out the link in my description   thanks again to Carl Friedrik now to the four most
important things to consider when buying a pair of   chukka boots to make sure you get the best chukka
for you first up is crepe versus regular rubber   outsoles so crepe is still rubber so don't come
at me in the comments section but crepe rubber   is a really soft squishy outsole it gives you a
lot of comfort but it doesn't give you hardly any   durability they're known for chunking and falling
apart and they get really dirty really fast you   look at them wrong and they give them a dirty look
and they get dirty and they also are not the most   slim and aesthetically pleasing outsole a regular
rubber outsole is a lot more durable but it's not   quite as comfortable it doesn't get as dirty and
it is a lot more durable than a crepe rubber so   if you're looking for an outsole that has a
clean classic look get one of these if you're   looking for something casual get a crepe rubber
next is rough out leather versus suede leather   versus smooth or grain out leather so rough out
leather is the most durable because you've taken   the grain side the smooth side and flipped it to
the inside and that fuzzy sides on the outside   but it just isn't as classy looking next to suede
suede is the cheapest leather out there in the   least durable and smooth leather has just is just
about as durable as as a rough out leather but you   get that clean smooth grain side out it gives you
that clean classic smooth leather look to it when   trying to decide between those three types of
leather stay away from suede wherever you can   unless you really like the design and then between
rough out and smooth leather or grain out leather   it really just depends on what you like because
the difference in durability is pretty marginal so   if you like the suede rough out look with a little
nap on the outside get that if you like the smooth   classic leather look get that because that's more
important than the durability when it really comes   down to it next is stitch down versus Goodyear
welt this is a classic argument in the boot world   stitch down is the type of construction where
the upper is flanged out and stitched down   Goodyear welt it's tucked underneath and sewn to
well and then stitched down and a lot of people   will say that the Goodyear welt is significantly
more durable it's not that much more durable it's   just easier to resole and there's more potential
to resole them if you really beat up your boots   i would focus more on which one you like the look
of because a stitched down construction has a   little bit slimmer silhouette you don't have quite
as many layers but it does have that flanged out   rougher less dressy look to it a Goodyear welted
boot has that nice tucked in look because the wrap   the leather is wrapped underneath and it's a more
finished and polished look so once again depends   on which one you like I wouldn't be too concerned
about construction when it comes to durability   just pick whichever one you like the most
but make sure that it's a real Goodyear welt   uh because there's a lot of fake ones out there
and if you're confused and what that means check   out the video I did about how to buy used boots I
have a whole section on how to tell if it's a real   Goodyear welt or a fake one and the fourth thing
that we're going to talk about is the price most   things in life you really get what you pay for
95 of the time but a lot of times you don't know   exactly what you're getting when you pay for it
so we're gonna go through starting with the cheap   garbage level under 75 ish it's gonna be really
hard to find any sort of quality because those   premium materials drive the price of the boot up
significantly and a lot of times in that under 75   dollar price range companies are just trying
to make the cheapest thing possible and sell   for whatever they can get away with to maximize
margins so wherever possible avoid boots under 75   and if you only have 50 bucks to spend go
to a good thrift store and look around for   a nice chukka you can find a really good pair
of Clarks for really cheap or even like on you   or like poshmark or eBay and some of these other
stores next to what what I'll call like a budget   level it's around that 100 price range you're
going to get at least one you should at least   get one thing that's high quality but you're not
going to have quality all the way through the boot   you're not gonna have a great outsole and a great
upper and a great construction you usually get one   out of those three and Jim green's a little bit
of the exception because this is a really good   value for the price this might be the best value
on all these but a lot of times for those hundred   dollar price range they're not going to be a boot
that you want to wear every single day it's going   to be something you wear on the weekends or
once or twice a month or so and it should last   a decently long time but for fifty dollars more
you get to that entry level boot area where that   you're about 150 to 200 dollars where you start
to see some of the more premium materials but   not all the way through the boot you're still
going to see some synthetic materials through   the construction but the majority of the boot is
going to be made out of higher quality materials   and you're just going to want to double check that
they are quality materials you want to make sure   that it's real leather in the sole and the heel
and the leather upper is at least a decent quality   leather and as for through the sole construction
you're not going to see a ton of leather that's   where a lot of these brands are going to sacrifice
is where you can't see it so keep that in mind   and these are a really good boot for someone that
has a little bit more money to spend on something   they're going to wear fairly regularly and really
beat up and get some durability and longevity out   of the boots and finally to the 250 and up price
range the we'll call the quality price range   because all the way through a boot that's around
that's 250 and up you should see quality materials   all the way through the boot you should see very
little if any synthetic materials through the the   construction of the boot if you're doing your
research and you see that there's a fiberboard   insole and a lot of synthetic materials in the
description stay away from it find a different   brand consider one of these 150 price range boots
because for this quality price range this is where   you start to see the real quality in boots that
you get that real longevity that you could wear   every day for several years and go through several
resoles so overall for price the more money you   have to spend the better but keep in mind that
some of these brands out there they overcharge for   what they are so do the research make sure that
they have all the attributes and qualities that   you want because you don't want to spend a lot of
money and end up with amazon quality so that wraps   up the chukka boot series thank you guys so much
for everything you do and if you thought the the   world war ii boot uh upset a lot of people wait
till you see the world war two boot series we got   coming up we're gonna massacre a lot of boots that
a lot of people are gonna be upset about but with   good reason and we'll explore that more when that
series starts so thank you guys for everything you   do thanks again to Carl Friedrik for sponsoring
this video and see you in the next video.


See ya!.

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