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welcome to boot spy my name is william and today i'm talking about the five best boots you can buy this year in 2021 let's get into it [Music] guys happy new year if you haven't already please hit that subscribe button down below and also give me a thumbs up both are super helpful for the channel and i really appreciate it as i said today i'm looking at the five best boots i think you can buy this year in 2021 buy them at the beginning of the year wear them all year round and then do it again all over in 2022. the first boot on my list i'm going to say this is the best mid-range boot and i'm defining that as between 250 and 350 it is the red wing iron ranger i picked this up last year and i think still this year it's one of the best boot purchases you can make in 2021 a few key features that i really like are the 270 degree goodyear welt and the full grain oil tanned leather from sb foot tanning company when you first pick up the iron ranger it has a pretty matte appearance which i really like i think just the overall design of the boot in addition to being durable it's really really has that great rugged masculine look to it so i think you know this goes for so many outfits whenever you wear a pair of jeans with that with the the angles cuffed like that's just one of my favorite looks and so i find myself going to the red wing iron ranger over and over again which is why i'm putting it at the top of my list for my favorite pick in the mid-range if a mid-range boot is outside of your budget you might want to consider an entry-level boot my top pick one of the best entry-level boots you can get in 2021 is the thursday captain the thursday captain is in that classic service boot style and basically it's a slim down version it's quite similar to the red wing iron ranger you know it has the cap toe it has the goodyear welt thursday captain is 360 degree good you're welted but basically it's much slimmer a little bit lower profile and it doesn't have quite the same bulbous toe cap so it works better in dressy situations and if you're you know a city dweller and you do a lot of walking on city streets it also has a very well-cushioned eva midsole so it just makes it almost feel like a pair of sneakers so it's not too much of a departure if this is you're considering your first pair of really good quality boots the thursday captain is in my opinion the best entry level boot you can get coming in at number three on my list something tells me 2021 we're gonna need a pair of dress boots so i think my top pick one of the best pairs of dress boots you can get in 2021 is the ace marks troy chelsea boot now i love this boot it's blake stitched it has italian calfskin leather and it is just super sleek super beautiful on the foot and i also think this was kind of a toss up i couldn't really decide because you know when you're looking at a you know a black boot i think this is a necessary part of any man's wardrobe but there's also here i got one from beckett seminar this leather is a little bit thicker and it feels a little more substantial so this boot is a little bit heavier the uh beckett seminar jodhpur compared to the ace marks troy there's it's kind of a toss up here this boot is super lightweight and so it's very light on the feet and it really contours to the foot whereas the becket simmonin siminon jodhpur also very slim uh but it has a little bit more of a angular toe cap and it also has outside here the the sole sticks out a little bit more this is also blake stitch and it also features a leather sole as well but the leather is much more substantial the only issue is when you order from beckett seminar a lot of times their process can take anywhere between four to six weeks because they make their shoes to order whereas ace marks you know you just order the boot like just any other company you order the boot and it shows up so my opinion is you're gonna need a sweet sleek chelsea boot some sort of dress boot and if you want it immediately i would go with the ace marks troy or if you want something a little bit more substantial and you can hold off for a month or two then pick up the beckett simone jodhpur at number four some of you guys you guys eschew the finer things in life because you're hardcore and that's what i appreciate about you so for number four the most rugged boot one of the best boots you can buy 2021 is the truman cattail grizzly now this thing is a beefy boot decked out with a rubber lug sole that 270 degree goodyear welt this boot can be pretty difficult to break in because the leather is so thick and durable but honestly for a boot that is just under 400 you're getting a boot that's going to last for decades for sure i mean just look at the construction of the sole the steel shank the thickness and durability of that leather so maybe expect a little bit of soreness but also expect to own these boots be able to put them through hell for years and years the last boot on my list is something i've been eyeing for a long time it is a great casual boot it's the m gemmy fujiri this is another blake stitch boot uh really i would put this way more in the dress category i picked it up in suede they also have they have this tope suede they also have a navy suede and it also comes in brown leather but i vastly prefer the taupe suede i think this boot is a great all-around boot in those casual situations you know something like the thursday captain it kind of it has that blend between work wear and and more dressy style but this one is all about walking city streets you know and just getting out there i love how sleek it is i love how slim the profile is the heel does not come out at all overall this boot is pretty comfortable i will say the downside is it takes forever to put on i mean this thing like like hugs the ankles so it does take a long time to get on but i've been wearing this boot for probably about two three months now and i just a huge fan of it i love the look of it i think it's a fantastic casual boot and it's definitely worth checking out in 2021 guys i know i just scratched the surface so please go down in the comments let me know what some of your favorite boots in 2021 are if you enjoyed this video please hit that subscribe button down below and also give me a thumbs up it's super helpful for the channel i really appreciate it so i look forward to hearing what you guys say in the comments below and until next time put your best boot forward

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