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welcome to boot spy my name is william today i'm talking about the five best boots this year in 2022 let's get into it [Music] thank you so much for joining me as i said we're talking about the five best boots this year in 2022. to kick off this list we're going with the best entry level boot that's between zero dollars and 200 that is the thursday captain now this one made my list of best boots last year and it's staying near the top of the list or at the best entry level boot that is a boot under 200 because the style is super versatile super classic i love the cap toe and i prefer the captain over the president because it does the thursday captain does have this cap toe here i just think that style looks really good they have so many different color options so if you want if like midnight suede type leather you can have this tobacco leather this is the thursday captain storm king so it has a hefty rubber lug outsole but you can also get the more the classic version which just has a rubber studded sole that's my preferred version they have a ton of different leather varieties so definitely recommend checking it out what impresses me the most about thursday boots is that they all have a 360 degree goodyear welt which is resolvable recraftable they are leather lined they have a really comfortable footbed there's basically no break-in period for any of their boots that i've personally tried and they have the kevlar laces and a steel shank so you're getting a well-crafted boot for a very reasonable price so for the best entry level boot check out the thursday captain number two on my list as the best boot in the mid-range that's between 200 and 400 dollars i'm going with the grant stone diesel now grant stone they do absolutely amazing work one of the things that's kind of hard to communicate through video is just how well this boot is made and the one of the things that really sticks out to me is the stitching density so all along the upper here all along the heel counter even along the welt there's so much stitching in there that feels really really hefty really sturdy and this boot has a very unique feel you know compare this to thursday it really has a more substantial feel to it and grant stone in particular has a more substantial feel than many other boots that i've tried in that 300 range something like that grantstone to me they do the best job in terms of delivering value for price so grandstone diesel is my favorite of their boots i've also tried the brass which is one of my favorite winter boots but i don't think the brass is as versatile as the diesel check out the diesel in this is in horween chrome excel they're i believe they're brown horned chrome excel this is my favorite colorway there they also have a few rough out options they have some waxed suede options different things but also check out the eyelets here the eyelets are some of my or the hardware right here is like antique brass we got the leather laces this is fully leather lined you end up getting about i think three and a half millimeters of leather along the full upper and along the ankle and everything like that so it is quite durable it's quite warm of course you can always recraft it it does have a 360 degree split storm goodyear welt so this is basically waterproof it's not waterproof 100 but there's very little chance that you are going to get your socks wet when wearing these at number three on the high end that is anything above 400 is this is a little bit of a toss-up for me and i haven't got a chance to fully explore it but it's either going to be the nyx americana or the white's packard now i am making this decision based off of tons and tons of research also listening to your guys's comments over the past year and a half everything you guys have said try next try whites try nyx try whites so i ended up getting both of those boots i ordered my knicks about three months ago and they still haven't arrived i also ordered the whites about the same time and they finally did arrive i haven't gotten a chance to fully well definitely not break these in but fully even wear them around and start to experience the whites at least but i'm going to be doing a full comparison full breakdown comparing the whites to nyx so if you are interested in that make sure you hit subscribe because those videos are going to be coming out throughout the course of this this upcoming year but right away and i know whites and nyx are pretty similarly constructed they're handmade boots they're made in the pacific north northwest and they're hefty hearty sturdy work boots but there is just such an incredible difference here even between like say the grand stone uh which is you know under 400 and these the this is like a double stitched down construction right here uh this boot right here this heel super heavy like this thing is so beefy and when i put it on my foot you could tell an immediate difference so these boots are incredible they are going to take a long time to break in but they are i doubt this will ever i don't foresee anything possibly breaking these boots i think these boots are going to last forever certainly for what i use them for which is mainly for style so yeah at the top end of my list i'm doing a kind of a tie a toss-up between nyx the nyx americana and the whites packer so far we've talked about several rugged boots but i want to shout out some of my favorite dress boots this is number four the best dress boots it's going to go to beckett seminar now this is the elliott balmoral boot this to me is one of the best looking dress boots out on the market really anything from beckett seminar this is their douglas jodhpur and this is the first boot i got from them but anything they do is incredible so they're in between that 200 to 300 range so pretty of pretty affordable pretty inexpensive considering what you're getting this is all argentinian leather these are crafted in colombia they are blake stitched the leather is incredible so these are fully leather lined with full grain vegetable tanned leather they are so nice they have a leather footbed and then this one the elliott balmoral has a rubber sole and the douglas dropper has a leather sole these are so nice they smell great the leather is beautiful it has a super deep rich color and they just look super sexy super stunning and the price is right so one thing to note about beckett seminar is that sometimes it can take two to six weeks for them to ship out of course if you have gotten anything like a whites or a next pair of boots then six weeks is nothing to you uh i've been still like i said wait in three months on my next so anyway there it is number four the best dress boots you can get to me best bang for your buck is beckett simenon and i was going to give you a fifth boot but there are too many great boot brands there are too many amazing new pairs of boots that i have tried over the past year for me to even pick one in those so i'm going to actually give you a wild card for some of you guys who are looking maybe for something a little more unique something a little different i've given you four options that are quite versatile but here are some boots that might fit your style for the best bang for your buck cowboy boot i've done a lot of research on this i'm not a cowboy boot expert but i definitely has run on a boot channel wanted to learn more about these and what i found through my research is the best bang for your buck cowboy boot you can get is the tacovas cartwright now i like the cartwright over any other take of us boot one because you get the cool western styling here you also get the awesome western stitching on the toe there are versions of this boot without the western stitching but in my opinion if you're gonna go this far why not get that right i love that take of us this has a leather sole there are options with a rubber sole if you want a little more longevity there but you get the sweet cuban heel this is fully leather lined this leather is incredible so for this price comparing this to some other boot brands i'm a little more familiar with like beckett seminar the leather is again really really high quality and you have full grain leather interior so it's very comfortable very nice it feels like a premium boot and the cost is relatively low especially for the quality that you're getting now if you're looking for a hiking boot this is a new brand that i've discovered and i'm absolutely in love with this boot it is the velasca rezagat now these guys are italian uh alaska they make a ton of amazing boots they have chelsea boots chukka boots a bunch of really great selection but i picked up their italian hiking boots this to me i would say if you were a true like avid hiker this might not be the best boot for you because it's a little bit heavier but if you are a boot enthusiast who wants a hiking boot this is definitely the this is incredible choices one of the best options i've seen on the market so it has a double stitched down construction which the only other boot that i have that's like that is this like 600 pair of whites so it has that incredible construction and it also has you know the d-rings eyelets right there and then it is a fully gusseted tongue so it is gusseted all the way up to the top of the shaft there so that's really cool it's going to basically be waterproof you know i don't know if it's technically waterproof but practically it is and then it has this heavy lug vibram rubber outsole which at the heel is super super thick so that's basically never going to wear down and if it ever does you can easily get this recrafted there are tons of different options there are some smooth regular standard leathers but i got the waxed suede because i just like the way it looks i like the more matte texture i think it's going to age a little bit better as i take this out on the trail so again this is the velasca rezagat and this is one of my favorite new hiking boots if you're looking for something that was made here right at home then definitely check out the oak street trench boot now one thing i love about oak street is that they make everything here in the united states so even the laces the hardware right here the welts the stitches all of that comes from the united states this is the trench boot in their rough out halloween chrome excel so horween as you may or may not know is based in chicago so this is a us-based tannery and i'm really excited to see how this boot ages because i've never i have no experience with rough-out chrome excel but i know regular chrome excel is an excellent leather that's what that grantstone uh brass diesel was in uh so yeah i'm very excited to wear in this boot breaking this boot now it's a little more expensive this is in the mid 400 like four to five hundred dollar range and i think in terms of quality it's about on par with grand stone so this one's about you know grand stone's about 100 cheaper than oak street but a lot of people take umbrage they do not like the fact that grantstone is made in china what they would rather have is something made in the united states and so i would say oak street is a great alt that's the alternative right there because they make everything here in the united states and the quality is superb again you have crazy stitching density you have really really sturdy really solid construction so it's an excellent boot and it's made right here at home and the last boot on my list in terms of these bonus boots is i was looking at westco engineers that is something a lot of you guys have mentioned in that previous five best boots video that i did uh you're telling me to check out wesco and i was looking at the price tag and it made me sweat a little bit so it got me looking into some other engineer boots that would be not necessarily comparable but could be a good value for the price and i found the ranch road engineer ranch road boots they're a relatively new company and they're doing excellent work from what i can tell here now they do a lot of cowboy boots and western style boots but i picked up the engineer because for those western style boots i went with takeovers i thought they were maybe a little bit better value there but ranch road this engineer boot i am really really loving it it's got the it's got the full style and the toe box isn't so big and bulky i've tried a couple other engineer boots on in the past the toe box has just been a little bit too big for my liking so this actually looks much more stylish where and so it's a great riding boot has the nice little detail right here on the heel so that's really cool obviously you got the two buckles and again you get a really beautiful creamy leather a nice 270 degree goodyear welt and this is handmade in spain nice rubber sole so this is a good riding boot if you are doing any motorcycle riding and you want a nice thick leather boot it has quadruple stitching along the heel and triple stitching along the vamp here ultimately fantastic boot the ranch road engineer so there you have it guys those are my eight favorite boots this year i hope you enjoyed this list let me know what your favorite boot is down in the comments below and until next time put your best boot forward

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