Are Whites Perry Moc Toe Boots Worth It After 1000 Miles? – (CUT IN HALF)

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today we're going to cut apart this pair of whites 
Perry motto boots to see if they're still worth it   after a thousand ish miles of wear and we're 
gonna leave its fate up to the wheel of death   and don't forget we just released the moctober 
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support the channel allow us to do some of these   more ridiculous stuff like the wheel of death and 
guillotines and stuff so I'll put a link in the   description now let's go over the boot information 
so the brand is whites the style is the Perry mock   the color is the distressed brown 
but they now have black and red dog   they weigh one pound 14 ounces they retail for 269 
and they're made in the united states now let's go   over the information we can gather about this boot 
before we cut it in half and we're just gonna go   over to the condition of this boot instead of 
going through every single detail because we've   already done that in the full brand new pair cut 
in half we did last year so be sure to check that   out after this video if you want more information 
but let's start with the leather so the so the   leather looks like it's in pretty decent condition 
especially for how much this boot has been used   and what this boot has been used for because this 
is clearly a work boot that someone was doing some   sort of construction or some sort of manual labor 
work in and these boots have been resold at least   once because if you look at the condition of the 
outsole compared to how much the upper's broken in   and how um how much worse condition it is in the 
outsole so that in and of itself kind of speaks   for the quality of the upper that at least made it 
to one resole and and it has a lot of life left in   it you could probably get at least one more resole 
out of this boot and there are some surface cracks   and splitting in the leather but none of them go 
all the way through and this you see this a lot in   work boots because those little teeny particles 
of dirt and concrete work their way into the   leather and clog it all up and eventually start 
working almost like an abrasive to break down that   leather so that's why in work boots you see this 
type of splitting and there are ways to prevent   it all you got to do is clean and condition your 
boots but most guys that are wanting a work boot   aren't really looking to take care of their 
boots as much as someone that's wearing them   for more style and there is a pretty big cut in 
this leather right here and because this is a   three millimeter 3.2 millimeter thick leather 
it didn't cut all the way through and that's   why a lot of people prefer a thicker leather for 
work because if this was the Danners or Thursdays   with a two millimeter thick leather that probably 
would have gone all the way through and your boots   are shot or it could have potentially cut you 
you know so right off the bat leather super   impressive next to the construction so this 
is a goodyear welted boot with a leather welt   and I don't even think they had to resole the welt 
on when they resold these because if you look at   the toe it's starting to get pretty beat up right 
there and it doesn't look like that was refreshed   and a big part of the reason of why they didn't 
have to do a whole lot of work and resolving these   is the same thing we saw with Thursdays all the 
cobbler has to do is peel this old outsole off   and glue a new one on and none of the stitching 
has to come undone so that makes them really easy   to resell on cheap to resold but the only problem 
is sometimes these wedge soles are prone to   splitting and there was some issues in the initial 
run of these boots of this the outsole coming off   just at the toe so that's why in the Carolinas 
you see that stitch goes all the way through   outsole is stitched on at the front of the boot 
to prevent that so it's kind of a trade-off either   way if you're looking for a really easy and cheap 
boot to resole or more longevity and security with   your outsole and speaking of the outsole this is a 
Vibram Christy outsole it's a rubber based outsole   rather than the Meramec polyurethane outsole 
that's that was on the initial one that I cut in   half and they've since changed their stock boots 
to come with the Vibram and I'm not sure exactly   why they did that maybe it maybe it bonds better 
to this this rubber midsole I'm not fully sure   but the one question i have is where's the 
shank now is there still a shank in it because   the previous version had the shank built into 
the actual outsole itself so I'm curious to see   once we get this cut in half and then as for the 
overall condition of these boots there's still a   lot of life left in these boots they should last 
at least through this outsole and probably another   one so you get at least three soles on these boots 
at least if you're wearing them like this guy's   wearing them the only thing that could be repaired 
and needs to be repaired is right here at the   at the mock toe this moctoe stitching has come 
undone or it's worn through it's probably because   of all that build up because it's right at that 
flex point where that grit's going to slowly wear   through that thread but the nice thing is being 
a mock toe you just got to get some heavy thread   and a needle and you can sew this up yourself 
in almost like a saddle stitching way so now   I'm really interested to see what the condition of 
the inside of this boot is how is that cardboard   counter lasted where's the shank the only only 
way to do that is by spinning the wheel of death   and each video we do one of these thousand mile 
boots we add a new portion to the pie that you   guys choose by the comment section so let me know 
what cutting apparatus you want me to add the   most like comment will add to the next 
video so let's spin the wheel of death got it hey well we found the shank um but we didn't get 
all the way through so I took the other pair   for a cleaner cut did it on the 
bandsaw so let's see what's inside so that is not the cardboard counter that 
I was expecting to see so I reached out to   whites to figure out if they had changed the 
counter material to leather like this one   and they let me know that this was probably 
one of the really early Perry mock toes that   they made when they still were trying the 
leather counter so unfortunately we we're   not going to be able to see how the cardboard 
counter lasted or the fiberboard counter lasted   so I'm hoping that they eventually move towards 
these leather counters for the reasons we talked   about in the Thursday video last time because 
they just hold up a lot better but a lot of   interesting things on the inside look how shined 
the inside of this boot is you know this lining   used to be the rough out suede texture leather 
and it's completely flattened out almost like a   wax flesh now and all this there's a literal shine 
at the heel and there's also a little bit of mold   in this boot you can see right there so that's 
why you want to make sure your boots are all the   way dry and a lot of times people get two pairs of 
boots to rotate between so you don't get constant   moisture in there building up and developing 
mold and the other thing I really like is I   love how these leather lasting boards really shape 
to the shape of your foot you can see a very clear   footprint of where the the guy's foot that was 
wearing these sat and you don't get that with   fiberboard because fiberboard doesn't it's not as 
thick and it doesn't compress as much and you do   get some of that compression because of the cork 
underneath just like this boot you can see that   cork is smashed almost a millimeter thick but it 
but it hasn't really shifted or clumped up in any   way I think that's totally fine because there's 
not a lot of cork in this boot to begin with and   now we can really see where that shank 
destroyed the the chain on the chainsaw right   there underneath the cork so and it's a pretty 
long shank actually it's it's runs from there   to there so it's a nice heavy duty shank and if 
it's if you're getting this for a work boot it's   necessary to have a shank so to me it's a pretty 
good value and the way I came to that conclusion   is comparing it to the the closest moctoe which is 
a thorough good for 250 it's also made the united   states so for 20 dollars more in the parries 
you get the leather welt you get the leather   lasting board and you get a thicker more heavy 
duty leather upper but that doesn't always mean   a better value for each person because some people 
might value the the almost zero breaking period   of the thorough goods the comfort of the thorough 
goods and the slightly lower price of the thorough   goods so comparing the two and cutting a worn out 
version in half really tells me that these these   boots are still worth it after a thousand miles 
because this has a well they had at least another   resole in them so let me know what you guys think 
and if you own a pair of these what your personal   experience is with them and don't forget to 
vote for the next portion of the pie for the   the wheel of death and moctober rolls on so 
thanks you guys thank you guys for watching see ya

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