Hi-Tec Raven Mid WP Boot Expert Review – Men’s [2021]

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i'm tom from cotswold outdoor and harrogate and today i'd like to talk about the high-tech raven mid waterproof the raven mid waterproof is a fantastic boot for your first forays into the outdoors it's got a completely waterproof lining as well as a very very durable outsole the raven mids dry tech water if membrane ensures dry feet whatever the conditions the raven mid waterproof is a very popular boot for young people going on expeditions and getting into the outdoors for the first time it's a very very tough boot and it'll really look after you in arduous conditions the raven mid waterproof gives an excellent level of support around the cuff without being too high for growing feet [Music] thanks very much for watching today don't forget to hit that like button and smash that subscribe button [Music]

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