How Often Should Red Wing Boots Be Oiled?

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how often should red wing boots be oiled

Red Wing boots are built to last, so it's essential that you take proper care of them. One way to keep them looking fantastic and functioning optimally is conditioning the leather.

The frequency of this step varies based on several factors, including the type of leather your Red Wing boots are made from and how often you wear them. If you don't plan to wear them often, conditioning once a month should suffice.

1. Oil them once a month

Red Wing boots are crafted with a variety of materials, but oil tanned leather is one of the most popular. This type of leather is naturally water and stain resistant, giving most Red Wing boots their distinctive appearance and feel.

Red Wing boots, like any leather product, will lose their original water and stain resistance if not properly cared for. That is why it is essential to regularly clean, condition, and protect them.

Utilizing an oil specifically made for leather will help your boots remain soft and durable, even after years of usage. Fortunately, there are various types of oil available to choose from depending on your individual requirements.

Red Wing's Boot Oil is one such oil and contains mink oil as well as pine pitch, a natural ingredient designed to protect and waterproof your boots. However, while increasing water-resistance, it may darken them by several shades.

2. Oil them every six months

Red Wing boots are renowned for their longevity, and the company guarantees these shoes will last forever if properly cared for. To maximize the longevity of your boots, however, take time to clean and condition them periodically.

In addition to cleaning and conditioning your boots, it is also important to protect them from external elements so they can last even longer. For instance, if your boots are made of oil-tanned leather, applying waterproofing agents from time to time is recommended.

For optimal results, use an oil specifically designed for leather. Neatsfoot oil is a great option for these boots and it will help keep them looking new.

Another option is to condition them with Mink Oil, which provides water resistance. To do this, add a few drops of oil onto a soft rag and rub it onto your boots; this will give them some shine and feel more moisturized.

3. Oil them once a year

When it comes to how often red wing boots should be oiled, it really depends on your climate. If you work in dry conditions, you can probably go months between oiling them; however, if your workplace is humid, conditioning your boots every six weeks or so is recommended.

The company recommends using a leather conditioner suitable for your boot's type of leather. For instance, if the boots are made with Red Wing's Muleskinner or Rough and Tough leathers, then mink oil (which acts as both a conditioning agent with added silicone as protection) would be ideal.

After cleaning your boots, apply a light coat of conditioner. Alternatively, you could choose to protect them with waterproofing oil. For this task, grab a bottle of Saphir Renovateur and spray on your boots in short bursts while holding them a few inches away from the can.

4. Oil them once a year for the rest of your life

Red Wing boots are timeless classics with superior construction that will last you a lifetime. Crafted with premium leathers and triple-stitched for strength, these shoes will last you for generations to come.

It is essential to treat these shoes like an investment, so they should be maintained with the same care as other costly items in your wardrobe. You can do this by regularly cleaning and conditioning them properly.

The initial step in cleaning your boots is to thoroughly wipe them clean. This can be accomplished using either a cleaner bar or soft bristle brush.

Once your boots are clean, apply a light coating of boot oil or leather conditioner to them. Afterward, buff them with a soft brush to remove excess moisture.

For oiled and dry-tanned leathers, this should be done 4-5 times annually depending on their level of wear. In winter months when more frequent foot traffic occurs due to ice and snow accumulation, this step should also be repeated.

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