Is Red Wing Boots Good?

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is red wing boots good

Red Wing has earned a place of honor as one of the premier heritage brands worldwide, producing some of the strongest and coziest boots available.

Red Wing boots boast superior leathers and craftsmanship, meaning they can last a lifetime. However, regular upkeep and maintenance is necessary to keep them looking good and performing at their peak performance.


Charles Beckman, a shoe merchant in the early 1900s, saw a need for tough and reliable work boots. He rallied 14 investors to form Red Wing shoes and began manufacturing them in 1905.

Today, the brand continues to manufacture its iconic 6″ Moc Toe boot. This iconic style boasts a distinctive moccasin toe design and remains one of the most popular hard-wearing boots available on the market.

Heritage footwear is constructed using Goodyear welt construction, which stitches a thin leather welt along the upper and midsole of the shoe. This process has been used for over 100 years due to its legendary longevity.

Stitchdown construction is another method used to craft Red Wing Heritage footwear. This process involves flanging the upper of the shoe outwards and stitching it down onto its midsole.

Red Wing Heritage boots and shoes are exclusively tanned by SB Foot Tannery in their own tannery near Red Wing, Pennsylvania. Each batch of leather is meticulously hand-tanned using wooden tanning casks in a factory near Red Wing for added durability and beauty.


Red Wing boots have long been a go-to for farmers and factory workers alike, boasting decades of durability.

Red Wing boots come in a range of materials, such as leather and rubber. Plus, you can choose from various styles.

Red Wing's Classic Moc boot style is one of their most sought-after boot options. Crafted with Copper Rough & Tough leather, this model also has a white Traction Tred outsole.

This style is ideal for men with medium to wide feet, and it comes in an array of colors. It features a Goodyear welt, Puritan triple stitching, and brass speed hooks.

This boot is more casual than some of Red Wing's other footwear options, making it a great choice for those who like wearing their shoes with jeans or sweatshirts. The cork midsoles and leather insoles will mold to your foot over time as you wear the shoes, leading to increased comfort after some months of regular use.


Red Wing boots have a reputation for being difficult to break in. Some people may need to wear them several times before feeling comfortable with how they fit on their feet, and others find that taking an extended period of time helps the boots mold perfectly over time.

Once they break in, these shoes can become incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods of time due to the layer of cork filling between the midsole and outsole that molds to your foot over time.

Some people take great comfort in these boots, particularly those employed in dirty jobs that require frequent standing or walking. But these boots can also be used for regular day-to-day tasks; thus, taking some extra time to break them in will guarantee they last you a long time.


Established in 1905, Red Wing has a longstanding reputation for producing top-notch footwear. Their collection offers an extensive range of styles to meet various needs and lifestyles.

These boots may seem pricey, but you'll see that they are well worth it when considering their craftsmanship and longevity. Plus, the company offers repairs and conditioning so if your Red Wings start to break down, you don't have to buy an entirely new pair of shoes – just get a new one!

Red Wing shoes are not only workwear-inspired heritage styles, but they also make great casual shoes. Their moc-toe style goes great with any outfit from chinos to jeans and has become especially popular among casual-wearers.

Red Wing offers a wide range of boot styles, so it's essential to find the fit that works best for your feet and lifestyle. If you're not sure, we suggest trying on some shoes before making your purchase.

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