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Hi, Jeff here your Mister Safety Shoes
expert on fit and comfort with the review of CAT's
Excavator Superlites. First things first these are really lightweight. These are boots built, tough to protect. With all the features
you want at a fraction of the weight. Let's see under the hood. Premium leather that's waterproof. A rubber toe bumper that gives increased
wear and tear protection and a durable heel counter. Both great protection features. They've got full CSA protection
with a composite toe. And check out the seamless flex points
at the toes designed to prevent premature
breaks and tears so they last. And of course, they've got a rubber soul with treads designed for oil slip
and abrasion resistance.

Inside, you've got a foot
bed that contours to the natural shape of your foot
and great ankle support. These add up to a lot of features
that you want in a work boot and one that you'll definitely be surprised by just
how light these babies are. Try a pair of CAT Excavator Superlites
and see for yourself at a Mister Safety Shoe Store near you or find them at

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